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Facing a difficult path, ready for help on your journey? We’re glad you’re here and we’re ready to walk with you.

We are an experienced team of mental health professionals dedicated to helping our clients and our community. We provide superior services using evidence based practices. But mainly, we join you in the mess and walk along side of you in the struggle, to help you connect, grow, and change. We help angry kids, confused adolescents, overwhelmed parents, worried and conflicted adults and disconnected couples, find hope and peace.

Trauma impacts many people and influences many facets of life.  Symptoms (anxiety, depression, fear, hyper-arousal, decreased sleep, agitation, anger, behavioral problems in children, emotional outbursts) of experiencing trauma, can last for weeks, months and years.

We have designed a center, that focuses on treating the unique aspects of trauma.  From a comfortable welcoming atmosphere that invokes relaxation, private therapy rooms, and services with an experienced therapist specifically trained in therapy models, you will find that we have developed a center specific for helping you recover from trauma (PTSD, Anxiety, depression and fear resulting from a traumatic event, accident or childhood or adult abuse (physical, emotional and sexual).

What Makes it Different:

Staffed by Therapists with Training and/or certification in Trauma informed interventions including EMDR; Narrative Exposure Therapy; Trauma Focused CBT and Faith Based Trauma Therapy.

Holistic wrap-around Services designed specifically for addressing trauma including:

  • yoga for trauma
  • groups addressing anxiety and depression as symptoms of trauma
  • DBT groups specifically for members who have experienced trauma. 

We recognized the need for not only discussing trauma in therapy, but also working specifically with our clients to address the underlying trauma and help them find symptom relief and recovery.  Join us as we set out to de-stigmitize trauma, talk about it more and help others find hope and healing.


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If you have a life threatening emergency please call 911, go to your nearest ER or Crisis and Assessment center.


If you are experiencing a NON life threatening crisis and are a current client, please contact the office or your therapist, or follow your crisis plan.

FFT is not a crisis center and cannot provide crisis services to non clients. Additional resources are below should you find yourself in need of crisis  services: