5 Good Ways To Minimize Morning Anxiety

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Mornings. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are an essential part of our day! How you start your day can have a tremendous impact on the rest of your day. Unfortunately, anxiety often peaks in the morning and you might feel overwhelmed by stress and intrusive thoughts…

“I’m never going to get everything done today”…

“I wonder how many things will go wrong today”…

“Oh No! I forgot to ______”

“I need to do _______”

“It feels like something bad is going to happen”…

Sound familiar?

People who suffer from anxiety understand these thoughts all too well. The good news is that you can manage your morning anxiety with these helpful tips to help start the day the right way!

Wake Up 10 Minutes Earlier

Building an extra 10 minutes into your morning routine can help ease your anxiety in many ways. Use the time to reflect. Meditate and pray. Embrace the silence! Use it to fuel your motivation (not your anxiety).

Drink Water

Proper hydration has many physical and mental health benefits. Dehydration can slow down circulation and affect your mood. Before you reach for a cup of morning coffee, grab 8oz of water to fuel your day.

Set Priorities The Night Before

Organization can help take stress out of your morning routine. Come up with a game plan before you go to bed. Break your day into small goals and allow for breaks in between for increased productivity. Once your list is set, you can jump into the day with confidence (and a game plan).


Physical activity has an endless list of benefits! From better sleep to weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, and decreased depression and anxiety, staying active is a great way to eliminate stress from your life.

Be Thankful

The right mindset can set the tone for the rest of your day. Start your day by reflecting on all of the things you are thankful for (like waking up). Gratuity brings happiness. The key is to focus on being aware of the smaller things in life that you would miss if you were gone. This can really help you focus on the good in your life.

Anxiety is a disorder that affects nearly 40 million adults in the US alone. Fortunately, our supportive team at Foundations Family Therapy can walk you through your struggles with anxiety and teach you ways to thrive.

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