3 Ways Therapists Help Maintain Sober Living

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3 Ways Therapists Help Maintain Sober Living

You do not need to maintain sober living alone. We know sober living is hard! A licensed therapist specializing in addictions counseling can help. Therapy is a proven tool to assist with recovery management and maintaining sober living that you may be struggling to do alone. Here are three ways a therapist can help maintain sober living.

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A non-biased listener

To start, a therapist will listen to your concerns without judgement.  Therapists collaborate with you in finding solutions to your addictions concerns. In the beginning, therapists listen and assist you in developing treatment goals to effectively help you for long term success. Next, therapists provide accountability for meeting those treatment goals and ideas on how to do them. Therapists are not here to fix you, but to walk along side of you in your recovery. Afterward, your therapist will celebrate your successes with you. 

A wealth of knowledge in this area

Second, a therapist can offer additional treatment recommendations and resources to help you maintain sober living. This is done through individual sessions, recommending support meetings, referring for a higher level of care if needed, or providing community resources. Your therapist will follow through on these processes and recommendations with you to make sure you are receiving the best care available to assist you with sober living. A good local therapist knows a lot of local supports and resources just for you. Work with your therapist to identify what works best for you and your needs.

Understand the root cause

Finally, and most importantly, therapy helps peel back the layers that led you to resort to drugs or alcohol to begin with. Addiction is usually a symptom of a deeper problem. Licensed therapists are trained to safely help you look deeper into your life to identify root causes of the addiction. For instance, many people have experienced past traumas, stresses, and physical health problems that lead them down a road of addiction. As a result, many people need professional help untangling the web of addiction. This is done slowly and cautiously so as not to make you revisit emotional distress from your past that you are not ready to face. In therapy you have a say in how slow or how quickly we proceed.

As you can see, therapy is extremely useful to you in helping you maintain sober living. A licensed therapist who specializes in addictions has a thorough understanding of the harmful affects that drugs and alcohol can cause for the individual. There is hope, and you do not have to do this journey alone. If you’d like to reach out, I’d love to assist you here