5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Brighten Her Day

May 10th will look a lot different this year as have all the other days in the past few months. Many people won’t be able to celebrate Mother’s Day in person this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. We know that finding a great gift for mom, even under normal circumstances, is easier said than done and the quarantine complicates it further!

Our team has put together list of meaningful Mother’s Day gifts that will brighten her day and bring back a bit of normalcy into her life.

A Gratitude Journal

One of the greatest gifts in the world is being a mom! Help your mom find the beauty in every day with a gratitude journal where she can record her thoughts, ideas, memories and inspiration- a great form of self-care!


Aromatherapy candles, bath products, essential oils, and other products are now widely available and are used to soothe babies, relieve stress and promote healthy living. Give your mom the gift of relaxation with some new bath bubbles, oils, or a candle that will help her unwind.

A Dinner ‘Out’

Mother’s Day Brunch at your usual restaurant is likely out this year, but you can still treat mom from the comfort of home! Order a few of her favorites from a local restaurant and let mom skip the cooking on her big day. Cupcakes, fruit baskets, and chocolates are also great ideas.

A Video Message

You can be there without actually being there! If you are away from your mom this Mother’s Day, treat her to a virtual card, video message, or family video conference. She’ll feel connected and appreciated even if you are miles away.

A New Hobby

If your mom has run out of things to do (or closest to reorganize) during the quarantine, help her discover a new hobby this Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a paint-by-number (great for beginners) a sewing kit or even a jewelry-making kit, give mom the tools she needs to spark her creativity

Above all, remember that sometimes actions speak louder than words. The most important thing to do on Mother’s Day is let your mom know how much she is loved…which doesn’t cost a penny.

Happy Mother’s Day!