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Aaron Rice

Wake Forest Office Team Lead and Therapist


What Thriving Means to Me

 Thriving to me is the growth that comes when your actions and your values are in alignment. When I act according to what is meaningful, when I live according to a purposeful framework, that leads to thriving. When we find that we are merely surviving and not thriving, it’s easy to blame it on the circumstances around us. I find that, in myself and in my clients, there is a unique kind of growth that is found when actions adhere to values, even in the midst of the challenges with which we contend.

More About Aaron

I began working for Foundations in December of 2021 and began working as the Wake Forest Team Lead in January of 2024. As a therapist, I aim to help all of my clients feel welcomed and cared for. I work to create a safe environment for my clients that allows for vulnerability and honesty, leading to growth and healing through the circumstances they find themselves in. I work with couples and families through relational difficulties, I do faith based counseling, and I also help clients work through anxiety, depression, and anger. A good portion of the clients I see are men, and I particularly enjoy helping these men address their mental health, as for many of them it is the first time they are addressing some of their deepest problems and needs. As the Team Lead for Wake Forest, my goal is to help create a space for all of our clients that is warm and welcoming. Including regular administrative tasks and office management, I enjoy celebrating anniversaries and milestones for our therapists, and overall strive to help them feel valued as they are daily caring for their own clients. I also help find networking opportunities and consultations for added support for our therapists.

Why I love what I do

 I love what I do because I love seeing my clients grow through the trials they are facing. Rather than resign to their circumstances, clients make the decision to show up for their sessions and learn new skills to address their difficult situations. It’s inspiring to see so many people that are willing to face challenges to grow and heal. It’s an honor for me that clients choose to share their burdens with me, and that I get a front seat to helping and watching them grow.

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What i do

For Fun!

I love spending time with my wife and my children, and I love spending time with extended family, friends, and the community in my church. I enjoy strength training, both for the enjoyment of the challenge and as a way to destress. I enjoy reading, spending time outside, watching football, and drinking coffee.