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Aaron Rice


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What Thriving means to me

Thriving is more than handling a particular situation despite anxiety or depression. Thriving means growing and working towards values and goals, no matter where we are planted. With the right tools and a little help, we can heal from old wounds and find purpose. When seasons change and life doesn’t look like what we thought it would, thriving is continual growth and joy, one step at a time.

About My
Areas of Focus

I enjoy working with men, as well as high school and college students, specifically as we try to navigate through the trials that different seasons of life bring us. Too many men do not understand their emotions, what they are, or how to begin to express them, and it handicaps our ability to engage in meaningful relationships. This shows up early in our lives and can continue in marriages, parenting, and work. Learning to understand our experience is hard work, but allows us to live up to the things we value the most.
I enjoy working with couples because they are the pillars of the family. When parents aren’t getting along, the ripple effects can be long-lasting. Every couple gets stuck in negative cycles, but sometimes it seems like the cycle turns into a rut. I use EFT and Gottman to help couples grow in their ability to empathize with each other, communicate effectively, and grow in mutual respect and fondness for each other. Safety and security are key to fostering a healthy marriage, and therapy is a great place to start.
My Christian faith is important to me, and I love to incorporate it in therapy when appropriate. Many people have been hurt by past religious experiences, and therapy can be a good place to work through those wounds.

Why I love what I do

 I love what I do because I love watching people grow! Seeing a couple remember why it is that they got married in the first place, having someone tell me they were finally able to fight past their depression and engage with life again, seeing someone work their way out of the vicious OCD cycle and find joy in simple things again—moments like those are marked with celebration and renewal! We cannot escape the troubles of life, but with hard work, people leave the office with their heads lifted higher than when they first walked in. That’s why I love my job.

my experience

I received my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Before my time at Foundations, I worked in a campus counseling center serving college and masters students, as well as private practice, where I worked with individuals and families through life transitions, anxiety, depression, addiction, and faith-based counseling.

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What i do

For Fun!

I love spending time with my wife and our son. I like being outside, reading, and weightlifting, and I’m always looking for a good cup of coffee. With friends, I enjoy deep and meaningful conversations, as well as talking about the latest football game.