AARON RICE Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Hi, I’m Aaron Rice, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate at Foundations Family Therapy in Raleigh. 

Helping Men Thrive

Are you a man at a crossroads in your life? Have you experienced something or a lifetime of things that you wouldn’t wish on anyone else? Do you feel angry, irritable, or more anxious than before? Are you struggling with relationships in your life? Are you struggling with inability to complete daily activities due to mental health symptoms? Are you feeling like you lack direction, purpose and are unsure of God’s plan for your life? Are you struggling with a transition in your life such as fatherhood? Do you struggle to communicate effectively with those you care about? Do you wish you had a man to process your thoughts with? Many men are silently struggling which has increased during COVID-19. There is hope, and there is help. 

I see my role as a therapist to help you feel heard and understood,  to learn to identify and process your feelings, and find your values and live in accordance to them. Talking about your emotions is often stigmatized and written off for men. Yet being able to identify what you are feeling, learning to operate within the ups and downs of life, and being able to live in accordance to your personal values will help to bring fulfillment, identity, and joy to life again. I hope to partner with you to help you see your strengths and thrive.

Helping Couples Thrive

I also enjoy working with couples who are dealing with everything from miscommunications to infidelity.  Are you struggling in a relationship in your life? Have you fallen out of love with your spouse? Are you ready to deal with the underlying concerns in your relationship? Has fatherhood impacted your marriage? We can get to the root and create something new and strong.

Together we can realize your strengths, identify hurdles and help you overcome them!

Utilizing your Christian beliefs to strengthen you

Are you yearning for a therapeutic relationship that integrates your Christian faith with mental health and the real world? I would love to work with you. I am trained in Christian counseling and love to integrate our shared beliefs into the therapeutic relationship. This can look like different things to different people and we can talk about that in session. 

So Who Am I?

I graduated from Southeastern Seminary in 2021 with a Masters degree and Marriage and Family Therapy.  I specialize in Christian Counseling and am a licensed marriage and family therapist associate. I am married and have a young son

I enjoy working with high school or college aged males dealing with life transition issues.   

The Fun Stuff

I enjoy weight training, sports, reading, spending time with close friends and spending time with my family. If you find me at a local coffee shop, I am probably ordering pour over coffee.

If you or your spouse is looking for a therapist to sort through life, love, transitions, or relationships, please reach out. I am currently in the Raleigh office two days per week. I am in network with BCBS and accept private pay.



I see clients at FFT in Raleigh.