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Allie Cataldi


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What Thriving means to me

I believe thriving to be a journey to purpose, well-being, and a strong sense of self. When we learn how to handle life’s many stressors and unknowns without losing who we are as human beings, we are truly thriving.

About My
Areas of Focus

Trauma, Couples, Teens, Life Transitions

Why I love what I do

I truly believe I have found my purpose in life as a therapist. We all have a story that we carry with us, and as a therapist, I long to help people understand themselves by exploring and sharing their stories in the way that is going to benefit them the most—whether that is a teen coming in to learn how to manage depression and anxiety or a couple who may have lost trust in one another. It is such a privilege to join my clients on their therapeutic journey while bearing witness to their strength, resilience, and growth as humans. This is why I love what I do.

my experience

I received my Bachelor of Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia and quickly began my career in the nonprofit sector working with “at-risk youth”. My work included partnering with local public schools to ensure children and teens were receiving the support they needed to be successful inside and outside the classroom. Additionally, I worked in various community-based programs supporting teens within the juvenile justice system, the homeless population, and victims of human trafficking, helping to assess and evaluate needs while connecting them to the appropriate support.
I received my Master of Education from NC State University in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling. During my graduate program, I began working with couples and continued my work with teens at a local High School. Since working at Foundations Family Therapy, I continue to see teens, couples, and adults with a large focus on ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief. When working with couples, much of my experience and training is in the Gottman model, having been trained in Levels 1 & 2 of this methodology.

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What i do

For Fun!

I LOVE animals! I truly believe the bond between humans and animals can be incredibly healing. I enjoy any activity with my rescue dogs Max and Nayla. I also have a rescue bunny named Tabitha who loves her treats. My hope is to own a therapeutic rescue animal farm someday.

I enjoy spending my time outdoors, camping, and exploring nature and all its beauty. Combine that with traveling and I’ll be happy as a clam. In 2020 I spent three months traveling across the country with my dog, exploring the nooks and crannies of the United States.

Lastly, I enjoy exploring my creative side as an artist, painting landscapes or anything nature-related. During the pandemic, I started art journaling and have enjoyed using that space to decompress, explore new techniques, and have fun creatively.