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Andrew Mormann


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What Thriving means to me

Thriving is when mental health is manageable, relationships are stable and fulfilling, joy can be recognized inwardly during the intricacies of life, and life actions are purposeful. It’s when you can look at your life and say, “You know, my life isn’t perfect, but I really am thankful for it and for those here to journey with me.”

About My
Areas of Focus

I specialize in helping people with their mental health, their relationships, and particularly the intersection of the two. I am passionate about doing couples and family work to help people feel safer, more connected, and reconciled in their relationships. I often work with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, and ADHD, to help them uncover potential contributions and gently work to change patterns of thought and behavior to relieve symptoms.

Why I love what I do

I am honored to be present with my clients in their life circumstances and ride along with them while applying a blend of compassion and wisdom to empower them in their journey. I thrive when I am helping others heal and thrive!

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What i do

For Fun!

I play pickleball and basketball to stay active and feed my love for friendly competition. Board game nights and sports spectating with friends are a favorite as well! I also enjoy cooking and (more importantly) eating all types of international cuisine with my wife.