Pre teen girl hiding behind a chair with a yellow background. Anxiety symptoms in teens in Fuquay Varina, NC can include shyness and more. Online therapy in North Carolina can help with Foundations family therapy in Raleigh, NC

Anxiety in Teens

You feel like someone is judging everything you do. So, you’re constantly worried about what other people think. It’s impossible to turn your brain off. You can’t stop worrying about things that happened in the past or might happen in the future.

Your friends don’t understand your worries. Every day, they tell you those things don’t matter. But, to you they’re very real.

Anxiety Symptoms in Teens

Anxiety can look different in everyone. For some teens, they will lose concentration. Still, others will have panic attacks. There’s no right or wrong way to display anxiety. And, there’s no “normal” to point to. Basically, if it seems like you have anxiety issues, you might want to talk with a therapist.

Some additional ways anxiety can present in teenagers are:


Ruminating thoughts


Need for approval from peers

Test anxiety

Inability to feel “calm”

Self-medicating or experimenting with alcohol or drugs


Need for control and predictability


Inability to stop worries

Trouble sleeping

Negative self-worth

The Foundations Family Therapy Approach to Helping Teens with Anxiety

In anxiety therapy for teens, our therapists will challenge anxious thoughts and identify core beliefs. After working together for a while, your teen will begin identifying faulty thinking patterns and how they contribute to anxiety. We will also work through how our systems influence mood. These ways of exploring anxiety can help teens build their self-esteem and identify positive social supports. Further, we can learn substance-free coping strategies through mindfulness tools that can be used at work, school, and in stressful or triggering social situations.

By learning how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected, we have the ability to acknowledge that thoughts are not facts. With these tools and strategies, teens can create space between thoughts and your everyday self. By evaluating and challenging negative thought patterns, teens can replace unhelpful thoughts. Finally, you will learn grounding techniques to be more present in the world around you.

Not so sure? Let’s try this with online therapy first!

Online therapy for teens with anxiety is also possible! In fact, teens are excellent candidates for online therapy because they have grown up on technology. For some teens, online counseling is actually more comfortable. 

Right now, we know things feel really uncertain, especially around health anxiety in North Carolina. We can help.  Learn more about online therapy in North Carolina here!

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Find Hope and Healing for Teens in Therapy

After therapy for teens with anxiety, our clients report an increased good mood and feelings of being “at peace”. Thee feelings of control can help with day-to-day triggers and you’ll feel more empowered to work through difficult situations. Teens with anxiety feel “happier”, “less fearful”, “less worried”, “enjoy life more”, “have more friends”, “get along better with parents”. These are just a few of the ways that our clients have described their life after therapy. What are you waiting for?

Begin Therapy for Teens with Anxiety

You do not have to struggle with chronic anxiety. Counseling can help you and your family feel confident and strong again. At our Fuquay Varina and Raleigh counseling clinics, (and online throughout North Carolina) the caring therapists listed below specialize in counseling for teens and families struggling with anxiety. To start therapy, follow these simple steps:


    Contact us at
    (919) 285-4802


    Meet with a skilled family therapist


    Feel calmer and more in control of things today

    Other Counseling Services at Foundations Family Therapy

    Our expert team of therapists offers support and counseling for a wide range of concerns. Online therapy in North Carolina or traditional therapy in our Fuquay Varina and Raleigh locations can help you thrive. We provide services for teens and young adultsanxietydepression, recovery from trauma, and marriage and couples counseling. Take the first step toward a better life by calling us today.

    Smiling teen girl with braces looking at the camera. Therapy for teens with anxiety in Raleigh and Fuquay Varina, NC can help! Foundations family therapists can help online with video therapy in North Carolina too.