3 Warning Signs You Are Living On Autopilot

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Did you know living on autopilot is a real thing?

It happens when the human brain actually reverts to a subconscious mindset to save energy. This is beneficial in many ways! Can you image what it would be like if we had to pay full attention to all of the little things we do each day? This is why something like brushing your hair can be done fairly mindlessly.

These consistent habits and behaviors become stored in your brain for future use. So, day after day, we don’t have to really think about the motions of brushing our hair or teeth. This is living on autopilot in a beneficial way.

On the contrary, this subconscious mindset can create a void when it effects the bigger things in life. Here are some red flags you should look out for to make sure you aren’t living life on autopilot…

Self-Care Is Lost

Do you give so much to please others than you forget about what YOU need? Is your life so focused on a routine that gives and gives to others that you put yourself last? If so, this could be a sign of living on autopilot.

You Don’t Feel Accomplished

Does it feel like time flies by? At the end of the day do you feel accomplished or exhausted. Someone living on autopilot doesn’t practice mindfulness. Overtime, it can feel like precious days, weeks, even years can pass you by without ever truly living.

You Don’t Ask For Help

This goes hand-in-had with self care. Modern day moms are especially guilty of putting to much on their plates. We tend to overcommit because we love our children so much. We forget how to say “no” or ask for help when we need it.

Get Back In The Drivers Seat

The good news is you can break the predictable cycle of living on autopilot! It starts with aligning your thoughts with your reality and making a step in the direction of change. It is always easy, but were here to guide you on the path of living a more fulfilling and rewarding life through mindfulness.