When Romantic Relationships Feel Cold

One of the articles I often recommend to couples is How To Deal When Your Partner Is Cold & Has No Empathy by Dr. Sue Johnson

Often in romantic relationships we feel that our partner is cold and unfeeling… The main two blocks to empathy are:

  1. There is too much emotional static in the one receiving the message and/or
  2. the message is hard to decode.

Once we learn to understand the blocks, we can walk around them and find each other.

Dr. Johnson explains:
[blockquote cite=”Dr. Johnson” type=”left”]Once a couple become distressed, both of these blocks to empathy appear. At one moment, Amy begins to cry, saying that she is lonely and has lost the John she loved.

Read the full article here.[/blockquote]
Humans are wired for connection.  We are bonding animals; we are naturally cooperative and empathetic.  However, it is normal to experience these “blocks” in your relationship.  If you find yourself being cold toward your partner, or feeling he/she is cold to you, contact us here at Foundations Family Therapy and we can help you work around the blocks.