Mother Helps Stressed child With Homework at the kitchen table, frustrated because her child is having difficulty in school. Counseling for families of kids having trouble in school can help through online therapy in North Carolina and therapy for children in Raleigh, NC and counseling in Fuquay Varina, NC.

Child Having Difficulty in School

Your child is having stomach aches and refuses to go to school in the morning. They cry every morning and it’s a struggle to drop them off at school. You get anxious every time you go to pick your child up from school. The school calls multiple times a week and doesn’t seem to know how to handle your child. Your kiddo comes home from school early almost every day with stomach aches, headaches, or feeling worried or sad.

Parenting is hard. Especially when dealing with problems in school.

All of this is absolutely heartbreaking for parents to figure out how to deal with. Over time, it makes both the child having trouble in school and the parent completely fed up. You might have researched alternative methods of schooling. Perhaps you’ve had multiple meetings with teachers, school counselors, and administrators. You may even have an IEP in place for your child to help avoid the negative impact on their grades that this kind of anxiety about school can cause. Meanwhile, your child is struggling to make friends and feeling left out because they are having difficulty in school.

Counseling for Kids Having Difficulty in School Can Help

You don’t have to deal with this alone. Sometimes, a child needs to talk with a third party who isn’t closely connected to the situation to feel like they can truly open up. Perhaps, you could use someone to talk with as well. At Foundations Family Therapy, we take a holistic approach to helping children who are having trouble in school.

The Foundations Family Therapy Approach to Dealing with Problems in School

Our therapists help parents to begin to understand the underlying issues behind their child not wanting to go to school. Then, with the kids, we work through the fear or anxiety around school. Perhaps, we need to work on building self-esteem. Especially when your kiddo is struggling to make friends or keep their grades up.

We role-play with children on how to respond to their peers in class during difficult situations. Often, this results in teaching your child some vital social skills. Through the therapy process, we can also help determine if there are any underlying mental health or learning issues. This can help us navigate some of the reasons for problems in school and help you get connected to other resources, if necessary.

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A systematic approach to dealing with trouble in school

Our connected and caring therapists can work with the school system. This can include working with teachers to help use behavioral strategies in the classroom. As family therapists, we will also work with the whole family. Ideally, this will help your child feel comfortable expressing their feelings in a healthy way. At the same time, teaching parents how to respond so that your child feels heard and understood.

As a result of therapy, children feel more confident. They are able to control their anxiety to go to school and begin to participate in social interactions. As a parent, you will feel a sense of relief to know that you have a way to support your child. How great to drop your child off in the morning without tears and struggle! Parents and children can gain a sense of control over the problems at school. Finally, you’ll be empowered to make decisions that work for you.

Begin Counseling to Deal With Problems in School in North Carolina

Your child does not have to struggle with difficulty in school forever. At our Fuquay Varina and Raleigh counseling clinics, our caring therapists listed below specialize in counseling for children and families having trouble in school.

You might be curious about doing online therapy for children right now! We would love to connect with you and your family online. If you have more questions about what online therapy for family and child therapy for kids’ school concerns might look like, visit our online therapy page.

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    Portrait of cute happy school kid boy at home making homework. Little child writing with colorful pencils, indoors. Elementary school and education. Kids can feel more confident after online therapy in North Carolina and counseling for kids in Raleigh, NC and Fuquay Varina, NC. Help is here for children having difficulty in school fuquay varina, nc