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Therapy for Children in Raleigh, NC, Wake Forest, NC, and Fuquay Varina, NC

Though children are susceptible to many of the same problems that cause adults to seek out therapeutic help, they often do not display symptoms of mental distress the same way as adults. One of the most common behaviors amongst children who might benefit from counseling is anger.

Anger is a secondary emotion, which means it is how another more primary emotion is often channeled externally. Often, kids who appear externally angry are dealing internally with a great deal of fear or sadness. The role of child therapists is to help children learn to deal with primary emotions in healthy ways, prior to those emotions leading to out-of-control anger.

Reasons for

Child Therapy

There are a number of reasons it may be beneficial for your child to spend time working with a therapist.

Each of these situations or behaviors may be helped through therapy or play therapy.

A recent experience of trauma

Difficult relationships with a parent or sibling

Acting out at school

Anger outbursts


Fearful behaviors, trouble sleeping or anxiety

What Child Therapy Looks Like

The first thing to understand is that child therapists work in concert with parents and guardians, not independently of them. A therapist’s job is not to “fix” a distressed child, but to help that child and their family develop healthy ways of relating to one another and to the world. So therapy for your child will also require work from you, as their parent or guardian.

Child therapy techniques can also look a little different than what you see in adult therapy. Therapeutic environments for children should be comfortable for the child. Thus, we have a specialty office set up in our Fuquay Varina clinic specifically for children. It includes play kitchens, swings, bean bag chairs, and pillows on the floor — all of which are meant to provide a safe, warm environment for children. Some of our counselors are also trained in play therapy for children.

Finally, because every family is different and every child is different, each child’s therapeutic plan, which will be made with their therapist when treatment begins, will look a little different and be individualized to the child and their situation.

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