You’re frustrated with your child’s behavior. They’re having difficulty in school. They fight with you and the rest of the family at home. Your child might say they heard you, but can’t repeat what you said. Or, they’re just daydreaming without acknowledging what is going on around them.

You know this isn’t your child’s true nature, but you don’t know what to do. Helping your kiddo is top priority. You’re in the right place. We’re here to help.

ADHD Symptoms in Children

A child may experience one or multiple symptoms of ADHD at any given time. Certain situations, events or people can trigger these reactions. Symptoms of ADHD in kids can include:

  • Child with ADHD in a pilot hat and goggles from the early 1900's looking at the camera with clouds behind. ADHD therapy for kids in Raleigh, NC, Fuquay Varina, NC and Online therapy in North Carolina at Foundations Family Therapy.behavioral issues or difficulties
  • impulsivity
  • difficulty focusing
  • temper tantrums
  • difficulty with relationships
  • anger outbursts
  • grades dropping at school
  • fidgeting or other physical
  • difficulty completing tasks
  • forgetting or losing things
  • difficulty sustaining attention

Counseling Can Help Children with ADHD

Our child therapists in Fuquay Varina, NC, and Raleigh, NC have helped many children dealing with ADHD. Working with children and families is important to us! This struggle can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Let us help you and your child better understand what is going on in their brain. Therapy is an ongoing process to help you and your family find hope.

Online therapy for children with ADHD can be a great option!

Right now, we are all facing an unprecedented lack of physical connection. But, we are also seeing new and different ways to connect that can help speak to different attention and learning styles. During online therapy for children, our therapists can help connect with children in their environment, with their stuff and their stories. What an incredible way to connect with kids in counseling! To learn more, please visit our Online Therapy page.

The Foundations Approach to ADHD Therapy

Behavioral intervention for children with ADHD will help your child. Our caring therapists can teach your child new techniques to help decrease negative behaviors. Emotional regulation and grounding tools will help them get through the day-to-day stress as triggers arise.

Woman holding her child in her arms to comfort him after problems made things a bit "normal" for me. We also provide family therapy when working with ADHD in kids. In order to assist family in changing interaction patterns, we address the whole family unit. Through family therapy, we can work to manage responses to the ADHD behaviors kids are showing every day. The entire family is affected by these issues, but you can work through it together. Family therapy will help you connect and find joy in your lives together again.

Find Hope and Balance with ADHD Therapy in North Carolina

Children can feel more secure after ADHD therapy in Fuquay Varina, NC, and Raleigh, NC. We can actually work with you and your family online throughout the state of North Carolina too! If you’re ready to change your family’s life for the better, let’s connect. Your child can feel empowered. They can have control over the choices they make. Give your child the gift of better attention, better focus, and better relationships. Your life can feel more manageable. What’s holding you back?

Begin ADHD Therapy for Children

Your child does not have to struggle with focusing, behavior issues and disruptions in school. Counseling can help you and your family feel connected and strong again. At our Fuquay Varina and Raleigh counseling clinics, our caring therapists listed below specialize in counseling for children and families struggling with ADHD. To start ADHD therapy for your child, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us at (919) 285-4802
  2. Meet with a skilled child and family therapist
  3. Help your child feel more controlled and focused!

Other Counseling Services at Foundations Family Therapy

Our expert team of therapists offers support and counseling for a wide range of concerns. Online therapy in North Carolina or traditional therapy in our Fuquay Varina and Raleigh locations can help you thrive. We provide services for teens and young adultsanxietydepression, recovery from trauma, and marriage and couples counseling. Take the first step toward a better life by calling today.