Angry Child

Dramatic, intensely violent outbursts. Uncharacteristic and unprovoked vile

Where did this angry child come from? What happened to my little sweetheart? Will this ever get better?

You might be asking these questions on a weekly, daily, or even hourly, basis. The need for help is high, and our family and child therapists can help. As adults, we are able to be more objective about these experiences. Especially those of us who can view the situation from the outside. Unlike children, we understand that anger is a secondary emotion. Often, kids will reveal their anger on the outside, but hold their deep fear and sadness on the inside.

Little boy sitting on sofa at home. Angry child needs therapy for children from a Raleigh counselor or online therapist in North Carolina.

An angry child might exhibit any of the following:

Anger outbursts
Short and snappy remarks
Anger as the go-to emotion of choice
Aggression (throwing things, hitting)
Being “explosive”

Any and all of these can be signs that a child is having deep-seated fear, sadness, grief or loss. These “symptoms” may seem to come out of nowhere. They’re either totally unwarranted, or that level of outburst doesn’t seem to match the situation.

Counseling Can Help With Anger Management for Kids

Of course, this is so difficult for any family. This has a profound effect on your ability to connect and find joy because it’s unclear what to do. Everyone wants to help, but it seems like the situation is just made worse. Then, this will escalate the core problem in the angry child. It can even keep parents from connecting with each other, or your other kids. This fear is transferred to you because you’re not sure what to do.

At school and activities, anger issues in kids can make it difficult to get along with peers. An angry child might have trouble keeping or making friends. Of course, this is going to fuel the pain they feel deep inside. This vicious cycle can be broken. There is hope.

The Foundations Family Therapy Approach to Helping an Angry Child in Raleigh, NC

Our child and family therapists have seen this before. You are not alone in this journey any more. We help angry kids of all ages manage their behaviors. A child with anger management issues will learn to express their feelings in a healthy way. All of our approaches are evidence-based and individualized for your child’s unique needs. Overall, we want to build their ability to self-regulate while learning to increase their communication.

Working with anger issues in children directly

We will help your child get to the root of the anger. This is usually based in pain or sadness. Sometimes, stemming from deep hurt, trauma, loss, or grief. In therapy, your child will begin working through these complex emotions. Our skilled therapist will help your child learn to express emotions in a healthy way. Finally, we will work on with them to build tools they can use to self-soothe at home, school, and other activities. These tools might include mindfulness, deep breathing, and other productive coping skills.

Helping an angry child through family therapy

At Foundations Family Therapy, our focus is right there in the name. We treat the entire family unit, especially when children are at the center of the concern. In family therapy, we will work on getting your child to talk so that you can listen. Our caring family therapists will help you, as parents, know how to respond to your angry child’s behavior.

You and your child can feel better. Now.

After therapy for anger management for kids, your child will feel calmer and less agitated with their day-to-day triggers. They will be more engaged in life and able to enjoy the things they are supposed to as a kid. After therapy, a previously angry child may make friends easier and have a better relationship with their family. parents and siblings. Ultimately, your child will be able to talk about and work through their feelings in a better way.

Begin Counseling for Anger Issues in Children in

Raleigh, NC and Online in North Carolina

Anger management counseling can help your child and your family feel calm and stable again. At our Fuquay Varina and Raleigh, NC counseling clinics, our caring therapists listed below specialize in counseling for children and families struggling with anger issues in kids. In fact, we can meet with your child and family online right now, to start this process in the comfort and convenience of your space. For more information about online counseling, visit our telehealth page! To start therapy for your child, follow these simple steps:


    1.  Contact us at (919) 285-4802
    2.  Meet with a skilled child and family therapist
    3.  Help your child feel more controlled and joyful!

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