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Elizabeth Edwards

Director of Details


What thriving means to me

To me thriving means having contentment, peace, and hope in all situations. Someone who is thriving can face hard things with peace and hope. For me, thriving means living in a healthy way spiritually, physically, emotionally, and in relationships. Thriving means having a healthy connection with others, with God, and with yourself.

More About Elizabeth

I still see a very few clients but I mostly now spend my time managing the details of running the offices. I do a lot of human resources, payroll, KPI and business development, making sure our bills are paid, content creation, marketing and speaking engagements, etc. Basically a jack of all trades! I support therapists, our support staff and help Jamie thrive!

Why I love what I do

 I love Foundations! I’ve been here since 2017 as a therapist. In 2020, I moved into an administrative position with FFT. I love the people I work with most of all. I love the atmosphere of the offices, that sense of completion you get when you cross things off of your to-do list, and the creativity I can use with marketing and content creation. I love educating groups of people on ways to help their people thrive and I love supporting our therapists. This role gives me the flexibility to spend time with my young children and use my gifts at my favorite company.

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What i do

For Fun!

I enjoy going to Disney World as often as my husband will allow it, going to the beach, date nights, sleeping in and taking naps, all things Christmas, Hallmark Christmas movies, and hard workouts. My love language is eating out and desserts of all kinds.