EMILY VOIGNIER Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate

Hi, I’m Emily Voignier, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate at Foundations Family Therapy in Raleigh.

Helping You Discover your Voice

Do you wish you could discover your voice and confidence? Are you a child or teen who feels misunderstood or lacking in self-esteem? Are you a woman who lacks confidence or assertiveness? Do you struggle with self-doubt? Feel like people walk all over you? Scared of rejections? Many people are in your shoes and feel the same. Rejection hurts! Not knowing where to turn to make changes can be scary too!

I see my role as a therapist of truly seeing you, seeing your need, and giving you resources to help you out and move you in the direction you want to go, confidence and self-worth. My passion is working with girls, teens, and women to find their voice, their self worth, see their strengths and help them move in the direction they want to go.

Partnering together in strength

I want to partner with you to let you see the beautiful person you are already. You don’t have to be anyone besides yourself in the therapy room. Who you are is enough. I give every person in the therapy room the respect and listening ear they deserve.

Together we can create goals that you are passionate about and I can use my expertise to guide you and cheer you on to those goals. You deserve to be heard, understood and supported. I will use my expertise to communicate well and teach you to do the same to achieve lasting connection and healing.

Who I Am

I have experience working with children and teens in a psychiatric hospital setting and with children in a school setting. I recently became licensed in the state of NC in April of 2021 after moving here from Florida. I am excited to be joining the Foundations Family Therapy team.

I work with children, teens, and adults to break the chains of anxiety and self doubt. I specialize in depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and life transitions.

I am in network with BCBS and accept affordable private pay rates.

The Fun Stuff

I just got married in September 2021. When I moved to North Carolina from Florida, I knew no one! I thought I’d like North Carolina even though I had never visited. I was right! I am loving North Carolina so far! I’m looking forward to exploring more of the state as I live here.

You can catch me doing crafts, solving mysteries, or baking up something sweet in my kitchen. I’m also always down for an escape room or other adventure! I like to journal in my spare time as well.

My favorite barista order is Iced Vanilla & Lavendar Latte. Extra sweet!



I see clients at FFT in Raleigh.