Emma Royce Family Support Specialist and Christian Counselor

Emma Royce


Hi, I’m Emma Royce, a family support specialist and Christian counselor at Foundations Family Therapy in Fuquay-Varina.

Healing from your Past

​"So much has happened and I don’t know where to start”.
“I can’t even begin to explain everything”.
“I don’t remember a lot of what happened but I know it wasn’t good”. “You won’t believe this”.

Do you feel shame and secrecy over an experience you had? Are you easily triggered by noises, sights or touches? Are you a woman who has experienced a traumatic event? Are you tired of feeling worn out just from a normal day? You are not alone. You are important, chosen and valuable.

​I see you. You are so important and deserve to live a fulfilling life. You are not the sum of your past mistakes. You are not the sum of other people’s actions toward you.

Hope for Broken Relationships

One of our greatest heartaches is broken relationships. Whether is be marriages, dating relationships, friendships, or parental relationships these things hurt us deeply. Are you scared to open up again after being hurt? Are you worried your marriage is headed for divorce? Have you just learned about a breach in trust with someone you love? Are you unsure where to go from here? I empathize with you and understand some of that pain.

​Together, we can process your past, your present and goals for your future and these relationships. I can teach you, encourage you and give you strategies for smiling again. These hurting relationships can get better.

Using your Faith

I specialize in Christian counseling and love to incorporate faith into sessions. God Himself was the perfect example of what it looks like to be a counselor and I try to emanate His character to clients as best I can. My ideal client would be one who has the goals of discovering more about her/himself, processing past and current struggles to promote change, as well as working towards healthy relationships.

Seeing yourself and your situation differently

​I’ve worked with a lot of clients who initially have a negative view of therapy and I feel comfortable working with and addressing any concerns they might have. I want to meet clients where they are at and help them feel loved, accepted, and validated. I am willing to humbly myself to hear you and understand your concerns. My goal is to work together to strengthen you

A Little about Me

I have a background in working with teens, young adults, and those struggling with addictions and past trauma. I graduated from California Baptist University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and am currently working toward my LMFTA license. I specialize in and was trained in using a psychodynamic approach as well as using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am married and in my free time enjoy spending time outside with people I love. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and camping or reading a good book. I have a 1 year old puppy named Remy 🙂

Fun Stuff

​I’m originally from Chicago but have been living in Orange County, CA the past 6 six years up until my recent move to Raleigh! My favorite music is Caamp, Mt Joy, or any folky artist. Some of my favorite things are Ice cream and Thai food. My favorite barista order is Vanilla latte or dirty chai latte.

​If you’re struggling today, let’s connect. Together, we’ll create a plan to help you move forward in clarity and restoration so you can enjoy the life you were created for! I currently only offer a reduced private pay rate until I become a licensed therapist in North Carolina. Reach out today (insert links)


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