Someone once said “if you want to feel like a failure, become a parent”. Well, that’s not exactly the idea you had when you became a parent, right? If we’re honest, parenting is hard.

Being part of a family unit is hard. We are all imperfect individuals coming together trying to connect, engage, and balance multiple personalities, goals, dreams, demands, and constant changes. What we really crave is connection, support, love, calm and acceptance.

As a parent, you want your child or teen to talk to you, to come to you for answers and guidance. You’re tired of talking through closed doors or text messages.

We can help families identify patterns that aren’t working and develop new ones that work better. We help you reconnect and feel supported, we help you fight fair and parent more efficiently so you can enjoy life with your children and not be exhausted trying to train them.

Anger Management for Children

We understand that anger is a secondary emotion. Oftentimes kids will show anger on the outside, but on the inside there is usually a lot of fear or sadness. We help angry kids manage their behaviors, express their feelings in a healthy way and increase their communication.  Your child is struggling right now.  Child counseling at our Fuquay Varina our Raleigh counseling office can help.

Confused and Fearful Adolescents

We know how hard adolescence and young adulthood can be. There are so many life changes happening at the same time as physiological changes that are normal for this developmental stage.

But oftentimes, the combination creates confusion, fear, anxiety, anger and sadness. We help worried adolescents and young adults manage their fears and increase their confidence. We also help address and work through any trauma that may be contributing to their feelings and behaviors. Teen counseling can help you get your child back.

Distant Families

Our Family Therapists help families learn to communicate better and reconnect.  We treat the entire family as a unit to help each individual feel heard and valued within the family system.  Through family counseling, you can move through the difficult time and come out on the other side even stronger as a family.

Finding Hope at Foundations Family Therapy

At our comfortable Fuquay-Varina and Raleigh offices, we work with teens, children and families to overcome the challenges that keep them angry, fearful and disconnected. Our experienced family therapists are ready to help you and your family thrive.