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Does your home feel more like a warzone than a home? Is your teen or child acting out? Have your relationships with your kids been stretched to the breaking point? Does it feel like some family members can’t communicate properly?

All relationships can be complex, of course. And family dynamics can be especially difficult. But is there a way to navigate those differences so that your family can thrive together? There is.

Why Families Attend Therapy Together

If these struggles sound familiar, it might be time for your family to make an appointment with a counselor or therapist:

Some members of the family aren’t speaking to each other

One or more children are acting out

The family is experiencing a major life event that affects everyone, such as a move, natural disaster, major change in income, a new baby or adoption, etc.

The parents are going through a divorce but want to support the children together

A family member is struggling with alcohol, substance abuse, or an eating disorder that affects everyone in the family

How Family Therapy Helps

A therapist can help your family in a number of ways. Over the course of treatment, you can learn to:

Increase your sense of connection with each other

Begin to enjoy one another again

Resolve long-standing conflicts

Navigate new conflicts that emerge in the future

Regain trust between individual family members and within the family as a whole

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How we Approach

Family Therapy

Our therapists, who have licenses in marriage and family therapy, use a systems theory approach to counseling. They will make sure that every family member is given a chance to feel heard and supported so that the entire family can find a way forward.

That said, it is not necessary for every session to include the entire family. One part of therapy may involve your therapist working with a smaller group or even an individual. For example, if the parents have a disagreement about how to resolve a situation, your therapist may suggest meeting with each parent separately. They may take a similar approach with a teenager who is struggling in order to best understand the child’s point-of-view and to build trust with them.

Generally speaking, in family therapy we have a “no secrets” policy. When our therapists agree to treat a family, we think of that family as the patient. For example, if a request were made by a third party to view counseling records, every member of the family would need to authorize us to share that information.

Also, if a therapist sees only one family member or a smaller group in a separate appointment, those sessions should still be understood as something being done for the entire family. Therefore, sometimes there may be information a therapist learns in a smaller session that will be helpful to share in a session with the entire family.

If your family has concerns about this philosophy, it is important to raise these during the first session with your therapist. It is sometimes necessary, especially for teenagers, to be able to share information with a therapist confidentially. (If there is an issue concerning health or safety, therapists will always share that information with the parents). If anyone in your family has concerns with this policy, it is best to discuss it in your first session.

You don’t need to struggle with a disconnected, angry family. There is a way forward. If you want to get help, the next step to take is to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists. We have therapists in Raleigh, Fuquay Varina, and Wake Forest ready to provide support and help to your family so your whole family can thrive again.

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