What Is Faith-Based Therapy?

Unlike traditional forms of therapy, faith-based counselors combine theology and spirituality with modern behavior science. Faith-based counselors help people with the same problems as do traditional counselors like anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. This unique approach to therapy is perfect for someone who relies on faith as a pillar of their wellbeing. Faith, religion and spirituality are complex in nature.

One of the goals of faith-based therapy is to integrate one’s faith into their treatment. The foundation of this type of therapy is built on respect and support.

Remember, it’s common to feel alone in your struggles, to have doubts, and questions. It can be hard to reconcile thoughts, behaviors and choices with faith beliefs. You might be troubled by tough times in life and start to question elements of your faith.

No matter what you are facing, we’re here to walk with you on the journey of faith and healing.

As with many of our services at Foundations Family Therapy, we treat our faith-based patients with a holistic approach. It’s a way for faith and modern science to combine and treat the person as a whole.

Our faith-based counselors are committed to respect and understanding no matter what your beliefs. Your faith and faith resources are an important part of your life even during times of struggle. We can help you navigate the journey in the context of your faith by developing a deeper understanding of grace and healing.