How to prepare for grief counseling in Wake Forest

How to emotionally prepare for Grief Counseling in Wake Forest

You may have people in your life who do not know what to say when it comes to your loss. We all know well-intending people can say things that actually hurt – “it will get better,” “you’re so strong!” or “they’re in a better place now.” Loss is an uncomfortable topic many try to fix or make better. You are hurting because loss cannot be “fixed” – what is lost cannot be brought back or replaced in the same way. And this is a very difficult thing.

Starting Therapy

So how to prepare for grief counseling?  By coming to counseling you are coming to a space where the depth of your loss will not go unacknowledged. Instead of learning how to “move on”, you will instead learn how to “live with” loss as life continues.

The person or thing you lost held a significant place in your life. There are times and parts of life where this loss is felt more intensely than others. Counseling is a space where you can express the feelings that come with losing what once was, what you thought would be or memories that cannot be made.

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During Counseling

During counseling sessions, you will have the opportunity to slow down and space to feel supported when others seem to have forgotten. You can  express the unexpressed, talk about the impact of loss perhaps unseen by others in the day to day. You have control in the therapy session over what you share, when you share it, and how you share it. The therapeutic relationship is not rushed and has no expected timeline for your grief. You will find new ways to honor your loss while continuing to live a meaningful life.

How to manage stress

You do not have to navigate grief alone! Please reach out to one of our counselors at Foundations to connect with someone who can walk alongside you as you process the impact of loss in your life. The therapists at Foundations can also connect you with other resources in your area.

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