Group Therapy For

Kids and Teens

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Group therapy can equip your child with healthy habits, emotional regulation, and positive interpersonal skills. Whether your kid is struggling or you just want to equip them with the tools to thrive, group therapy can be an effective route. Our groups are held in a kid-friendly, fun environment with activities, art, and games.

Feel connected.

Kids learn to empathize with each other and realize they’re not alone. By articulating their feelings, they can be heard and known, which can lift burdens and relieves stress.

Practice relationship skills.

Group therapy helps kids improve communication and develop healthy friendships. They can practice skills like listening in a safe, adult-monitored environment.

Gain confidence.

Kids often gain confidence by helping others. They learn their experiences can be helpful to others and get encouragement and support through positive peer influence.


Kid Groups

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Currently, we do not have any children’s groups running, but check out our online anxiety course for children. 

Group Therapy

For Adults

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Make lasting change with the support of supportive people who understand what you’re going through. Group therapy can support individual therapy, or provide help while you wait for an individual therapist’s practice to open up.

Experience a supportive community.

It’s easy to feel isolated in our own life challenges. In group therapy, you’ll connect with a small group of people who provide encouragement, support, and community.

Expand your perspective.

While group members may experience similar challenges, everyone has a unique perspective Other members can be a sounding board, help you improve self awareness, and encourage you to grow.

Get affordable support.

Get high-quality support in an affordable format. Each session is facilitated by a certified therapist. You’ll get six group sessions for a fraction of individual therapy costs.



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Currently, we do not have any groups scheduled, but do have an interest list for an upcoming online postpartum support group coming in 2023.