5 Things You Can Do If Your Child Is Scared of Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner! A time full of fun and fright. There are so many things about Halloween that children love, but scary costumes usually aren’t one of them.

The good news is that it’s pretty common for kids to get some extra goosebumps during this time of year. If the blood-and-guts of the season send your child running away in fear, try these tips for a happier Halloween.

Understand Real vs. Fake

Spend some time before a night of trick-or-treating to talk to your children about what’s real…and what’s not. This can be a tricky concept for children (especially younger tots) so don’t get discouraged.

Try walking them through the Halloween aisle at target and showing them a few masks to show how they are scary but they aren’t real. This can be A LOT harder to do on Halloween when someone is walking down the street dressed like an axe murderer, so get a head start on the conversation!

Plan Kid-Friendly Activities

Separate the adult Halloween activities from the kid-friendly ones. Remember, younger children work hard to process what their surroundings and an unfamiliar haunted house could really through them into a panic!

Skip the bloody zombie door hanger this year if it’s not for your child- there are a lot of other ways to celebrate and have fun.

Don’t Minimize Their Feelings

Some costumes, events, and decorations can be really scary to young minds. Talk to your children about the way they are feeling. Talk specifically about what’s scaring them and trying having the real vs. fake conversation (again). Above all, provide comfort to make them feel safe and heard.

Pack Your Patience

We probably don’t have to tell you this but children can be moody. If you spent $75 on the princess costume and they won’t wear it that night, stay calm! Be flexible and try talking through their resistance. Build-in some extra time so a meltdown or two doesn’t ruin all of your Halloween plans (#Momlife?)

Don’t Add Sugar To The Mix

We all love the sweet goodies of Halloween. Where would we be without a 5lb bag of candy sitting on top of our refrigerators for months to come? One of the worst things to do is to add sugar to a meltdown. Try not to bribe or reward bad behavior with candy.

Also, it’s probably best to talk about your candy rationing BEFORE trick-or-treating.