How To Maintain A Relationship With Your Child

COVID-19 has changed almost everything in our current life. It’s true that life looks different right now. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all bad! There are still good things in life and, if you think about it, some things haven’t changed at all.

Our children still need and crave our affection, attention, and affirmation. COVID-19 could provide a perfect opportunity to invest in our children like never before. Many of the distractions of our everyday lives are not present perhaps leaving more time to connect with our families.

It is important to remember that every child needs and appreciates different things from their parents. During this season, here are some ideas to maintain your relationship with your child.

Let them be the expert at something

Really strive to have your child teach you or talk to you about something they are passionate about. This gives them the opportunity to “be the expert” which not only will boost their confidence but also draw you closer together as they see that you care about what they are interested in.

Work to spend 30 minutes per day with your child uninterrupted.

Let them take the lead. Do they want to read with you? Play with you? Draw with you? This small deposit of time will reap dividends for your relationship.

Include them in what you are already doing. Think of ways to include them in your everyday life. Are you cooking dinner? Invite them in. Are you working out at home? Include them or take them with you on that run.

Ask open-ended questions

Instead of asking “Did you have a good day?” Ask “what was your favorite part of today?” This naturally will keep the conversation going and will give you more insight into what is going on in their world.

Set An Example

Lastly, treat other people in your life with respect and love. Our children learn how to treat people and can tell if we care for others. When children see this, they often personalize this to themselves.

When we speak lovingly to our spouse or other family members, our children learn to respect and that we as parents value relationships with people. Children will then internalize this and know that we as parents care about them as well.

If you are struggling to maintain and enrich relationships with your children, we can help! In addition to family therapy, we offer many other forms of therapy and services at our Raleigh and Fuquay Varina offices.

Written By: Elizabeth Edwards, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist