How To Turn A Bad Day Around

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Up all night with your toddler…overslept…spilled your coffee…and forgot your lunch. We’ve all had bad mornings, bad days, and rough patches in life. Challenges can leave us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed making it hard to focus.

As humans, we experience a wide range of emotions every day. Sometimes we can identify a specific reason (or two!) and some days we just feel off.

Even though we can’t control all of the ups and downs in life, we can develop techniques to help us control how we react to them. Here are some quick tips to turn your day around…

Hit Pause

Don’t be afraid to slow down. Sometimes you can make situations worse by taking on too much. There are plenty of healthy ways to clear your mind so you can refocus. Keep a self-care checklist near by that includes activities like journaling and meditation.

Eliminate Distractions

Part of hitting pause also means taking a break from the digital world. Your constantly updating Twitter feed and overflowing inbox can cause additional stress. When you’re having a bad day, try to unplug to refocus. A small step in the right direction can turn your day around and make a big difference.

Find The Right Support

When you’re feeling off, talk about it! It’s important to label your emotions. Sharing your feelings with a trusted loved one can help you feel less along during rough times. Great friends and supportive family remembers can help ground us and remind us of better times.

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