JENNIFER EASLEY Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hello, I’m Jennifer, a therapist at Foundations Family Therapy in Fuquay-Varina.

Working Through Life’s Challenges, Together

We all go through times when it feels like we’re in a rut in life. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re just going through the motions, treading water, or jogging in place. We can’t always plan for the bumps in the road that bring us down or throw a wrench in our plans.

Perhaps you find yourself worrying too much making it hard to concentrate on the things you want to do. Maybe you feel run down and you wish that you slept better. Have you noticed your patience growing thinner and thinner as your agitation continues to increase?

I understand and I’m here to walk with you through your struggles.

Find A Clear Path Forward

The first thing to understand is that your feelings are valid. You can learn how to recognize your feelings and let them come and go so you don’t feel ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed. You are enough! You deserve your love and affection as much as anyone in the universe. However, sometimes it’s hard to take that first step towards self-love; therapy.

Together, we can create goals that are relevant to your difficulties and create a clear path forward that is consistent with your values. I’m here to help you create positive change in your life while providing the support and encouragement you need to make your goals attainable.

I’ve worked with children, adults, and families who struggle with a variety of adjustment, behavioral, and emotional regulation issues. My goal is to help my clients learn the skills they need to move forward in health and happiness.

Learning how to practice mindfulness can help clients become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and habits. Once you are more in tune with your emotions, you will start to find your clear path forward. 

Helping Little People Deal With BIG Emotions 

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs you can have! The back talk…the frustration…the meltdowns…and the anger can bring down your entire family unit. It can feel like things are getting out of control. I’m here to help parents identify patterns that aren’t working and learn to develop new ones that work better. 

Children’s therapy can help parents and families reconnect in support and understanding. My goal is help children and their parents work towards an optimistic future by developing new coping methods that help boost self-esteem, confidence, and other positive traits in children.  

Let’s write a new chapter in your life!

The way you feel matters. You have the power to transform your life and restore the ability to enjoy the ride! If you’re struggling with identifying your emotions and gaining power over your responses, therapy may help you find freedom. 

Learn healthy ways to handle stress and face adversity in life. Stop letting feelings of guilt or shame hold you back from thriving. You don’t have to continue just going through the motions on autopilot each day. Move from surviving to thriving.  

If you’re struggling to find a clear path forward, give me a call. Together, we’ll create a plan to help you move forward in clarity and restoration so you can enjoy the life you were created for! Reach out today.



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