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Jessica Block

Administrative Lead Therapist


What Thriving Means to Me

Thriving to me means being in a place where I am able to recognize both my limits and my potential. I thrive when I am able to accept myself as I am, express my feelings and define my needs while dedicating time and energy to my values and priorities. It is a place of both knowing and unknowing and, therefore, growing into the best version of myself.

More About Jessica

 I am a full-time therapist in addition to performing other management duties within the Clayton office, including helping to organize staffing and office events, keeping the office clean and supplied, as well as being available for any other office needs that arise.

My counseling focus is on perinatal and postpartum mental health, including those who struggle with infertility and miscarriage. I help women navigate the transition into motherhood, helping mothers and those who desire to become mothers normalize their experiences while providing personalized space for the expression of authentic thoughts and feelings. I strive to help mothers understand they are not alone, to decrease shame, increase connection, heal past hurts and increase definition of identity in perspective of the transformative experience of motherhood.

Why I love what I do

I love what I do because I have the opportunity to walk alongside many awe-inspiring people as they face difficult challenges in life. I am honored to be able to collaborate with my clients in recognizing and validating their emotions, challenging patterns that no longer are serving, and helping to nurture their strengths and goals through resources, knowledge, creativity and support.

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What i do

For Fun!

I love spending quality time with my husband, children and dog. I enjoy being outside, taking small day-trips, playing board and video-games (one could say I have a bit of a competitive side!), listening to a good audio-book and watching cooking shows. I definitely have an artsy-part of me as I really like to draw, dabble in photography, bake, play instruments/sing and try new, creative projects.