KATLYN DAVIS Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Hi, I’m Katlyn Davis and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor working in Fuquay-Varina, Raleigh, and offering telehealth.

Grace and Hope for the Journey

We have all been in situations where we felt weak, vulnerable, insufficient, and not good enough. Sometimes, we have been told this by people who are supposed to love and care for us. Sometimes, it’s an internal monologue we tell ourselves. Maybe you see generational traumas, hurts, boundary violations, or rigidity that negatively impacts your every day life now. Many of these things were outside of our control and now seem to be controlling us. Have you been there?

Have you had that moment where you are beating yourself up and are convinced everyone else is doing a better job than you? Does life feel hopeless? Do you find yourself worrying more and more about things that never used to worry you? Do you feel “foggy”? Logically, we know that life is not fair, but sometimes it just hurts more than other times. Sometimes we find our hurt has turned into easier to swallow emotions like anger. Maybe we find ourselves checked out, bitter, or pushing people away. 

I am here for your journey. I want to offer you grace and hope as we walk the road together to help renew your spirit and get you on the path that you want. 

Realizing and Understanding the Truth of Who you Are

Sometimes we forget who we truly are. Sometimes we believe the lies that we, or others, have told us. The first step is discovering and remember who you really are. I want to help you harness your strengths to believe the good about yourself. I want to help you walk in the good. 

I see my goal as a therapist as one of an encourager and educator. I want to help you see yourself in a more positive light and use your strengths to set goals. Once you have set your goals, I want to go along side of you and encourage, give coaching, and praise you when you reach the finish line.

I strive to incorporate faith based counseling for those who wish to have it. I see my role as working with the Holy Spirit to help you remember your identity in Christ. Remembering WHOSE you are can help when you are questioning who you are. I am open to discussing these things with you and how you would like to see it incorporated. 

A Little About Me

I do not take your trust for granted so I want you to know a little bit about me.

I have worked in the mental health field since 2014 after getting my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology and Counseling from Liberty University. I have worked in group homes and worked in intensive in home family therapy with children and their caregivers. I have also worked in intensive outpatient therapy before transitioning to private practice outpatient therapy. 

I specialize in working with people ages 15 and up who are motivated for change and who are struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or other life transition stresses. I enjoy working with people who have experienced dysfunctional family of origin’s, been adopted, or spent time in foster care.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my young daughter. I also like watercolor painting and other crafts. I offer Christian counseling and enjoy spending time with God and growing my faith.

Come and let’s journey together!



I see clients at FFT in Fuquay-Varina.