Kayla Caine Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Hi, I’m Kayla Caine, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Foundations Family Therapy in Fuquay-Varina.

Helping Teens and Young Adults Thrive

Has your teen been labeled as “a bad influence”, “bad kid”, or “trouble”? Have they experienced significant pain through bullying, traumatic event, loss, or feeling different? Does your teen appear to be withdrawing or “hardening”? Is your teen turning to self harming behaviors?

Hey teens! Do you hate it when adults talk to you like you are dumb? Are other adults in your life out of touch? Do you have pain that you have pushed aside because it “doesn’t matter”? Is there something in your life that you are trying to forget ever happened but keeps popping up? Have you experienced loss or bullying that no one knows about? Do you expect that you don’t have a future? Do you want a safe space where you can share your true thoughts without judgement? Are you feeling hopeless? Uncertain of where life is taking you? Feel out of control? Are you angry and don’t know why? Experimenting with substances just to feel something? Do you secretly wish you could reach out for help and it actually work?  Hate authority and think they’re all out of touch?\

I would love to have the privilege of meeting with you. I do not pick your path or tell you what to do but help you decide which path is best for you and how to navigate it successfully. I’m not one more adult giving you advice about what you should’ve done or what you “should” do, but ready to listen and understand how you are feeling and struggling with. I want to work WITH you to get what you want emotionally.

Safe and Relatable

I want therapy to be a place where you feel safe, secure and supported. In my counseling room, I want you to realize how valuable you are. I want to seek to understand your true self and not what other people want you to be. I do not want you to feel shame or judgement in the therapeutic relationship. I want to help you see your potential and help you be all you were made to be.

Together we can work together to move in a positive direction. Parents, I want to work with you and your child to see where there is agreement about the path they want to take and where there is room for improvement. You and your teens deserve to be heard, understood and supported. I will use my expertise to help you achieve your goals and maybe find that happiness and joy that you have been missing!

Who Am I?

“I’m not opening up to you, you are just one more adult trying to tell me what to do”. I can totally understand why you might think that but let me tell you a little bit about me.

I have recently moved to NC from FL with my husband who is in the military so I know about moving and not knowing anyone. I have experience working in residential treatment facilities and psychiatric hospitals with teenagers every day. I have a passion for working with teenagers and young adults because their futures are so bright that I love to see them succeed and achieve their goals! I love to be around teenagers and young adults and learn from them! 

I use a variety of approaches in the counseling room to help achieve your goals. I enjoy working with teens who feel “different”, like “outcasts”, or teens who have “been dealt a bad hand” so far in life. I am in network with BCBS and Tricare and accept private pay options.

The Fun Stuff

I recently just moved here with my husband who is in the military from Florida! I love being outside and finding new local spots to explore. I love doing everything I can with my husband and our dogs! I love the mountains and traveling and can’t wait to check out the NC mountains.I also enjoy the gym, yoga and have a passion for anything that has to do with horses.  I also am an alum of The University of Alabama and love anything to do with elephants and houndstooth!

My favorite barista order is a black coffee-sometimes hazelnut or cinnamon flavored

If you or your teen is looking for a place to express yourself, identify your goals, and get past some of the past hurts, I am here for you! I would love to meet with you in Fuquay!



I see clients at FFT in Fuquay-Varina