LETICIA FRAZIER Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Leticia Frazier

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hello, I'm Leticia! I'm a therapist at Foundations Family Therapy in Raleigh. Se habla Español!

Juggling Life

Life can be a struggle. Maybe you’re balancing multiple demands—parenthood, relationship, career, caring for a relative or loved one—that you feel constantly pulled in different directions.

As the demands increase, time for yourself decreases and you find yourself full of worry and defeating thoughts such as, “I can't handle this”, “What will I do if that happens?”, “How will I finish this project?”, “I’m not good enough”. Self-doubt and insecurity set in and daily tasks may feel like they’re more difficult to get through.

Worried and Overwhelmed

You’re exhausted, but these running thoughts keep you up at night. When you finally do fall asleep, you wake up several times or wake up feeling unrested.

You have to talk yourself into getting up and starting your day, and then you find panic and fear at every turn. You worry constantly and it keeps you from doing things you need to do. It keeps you from doings you want to do.

Sad and Tired

You’ve felt this way for a while, and you’re beginning to wonder if you will ever feel content again. It’s starting to impact your relationships, and some have even ended because it feels like no one understands. You’re discouraged, defeated and feeling down more days than not.

You want to do something different, to feel better, to feel like yourself again, but you’re not sure how. You’ve tried things in the past, but they didn’t work.

Find Joy and Happiness

Counseling can help you find hope and joy again. You can learn to gain control over your thoughts, instead of them controlling you. You can begin to identify the thoughts that are on constant repeat in your mind and learn how to identify and let go of the ones that are false, negative, and contributing to your fears.

You will move from the past to present focused and use mindfulness to be aware of all that is around you so that you feel confident and secure. You will be able to take on the day with renewed sense of who you are and what you want to do.

If you’re struggling and ready to do something different, I would love to walk with you on a journey of learning to trust and finding comfort in the security that it brings. Let’s get started so that you can find your joy again. You’ve got this!

A Little About Me

I love working with people who are motivated for change and willing to do the hard work to reach their goals.  Outside of being a therapist, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, cooking, and watching football and college basketball!


Now for the Official Background Stuff

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 9 years of experience working with children, families, adolescents, and adults in residential, outpatient, and inpatient programs.

Insurance accepted

I am in network with BCBS, UHC, and Aetna.  I can bill out of network for all other insurance.


I see clients at the FFT Raleigh office.


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