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1740 Heritage Center Drive, Ste. 104
Wake Forest, NC 27857

About our Wake Forest Therapy Location

Our Wake Forest office is located near Heritage in Wake Forest. We serve clients in Wake Forest, Wakefield, Youngsville, Knightdale, and eastern Wake county.

To find us, turn off Main Street onto Rogers Road. Our office is directly behind Culvers. The building includes free private parking. We are in suite 202 on the upper level of the building. You can access our office from the parking lot on the main level, at the back of the building.

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A Family Approach

Child therapy

We believe that therapy can help all ages but also that different ages will be helped in different ways. Our child therapists have years of experience connecting with children and helping them deal with issues like anger, trauma, and sadness.

Teen Counseling

The teenage years are notoriously complicated and challenging as young people learn to move out of childhood and into young adulthood while confronting a number of new challenges, questions, and difficulties. If your teen is struggling with depression, dealing with major life changes, or simply seems more withdrawn, therapy may be able to provide them (and your family!) the help you all need.

Family therapy

Our approach to family therapy treats the family as a single unit that is being served and helped by our counselors. This unique approach makes it easier to identify areas for improvement and to define strategies tailored to the needs of your entire family, not just one or two members. Family-centric therapy means that no one in your family is left out or left behind.

Areas of



If you are struggling to transition back into society after time spent in the military or if you are perhaps just feeling a constant, low-key edginess, it could mean that you are dealing with traumatic experiences that are holding you back in your day-to-day life. Counseling is one tool that you can use to come to terms with your past and move toward a future of thriving rather than merely surviving.

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Do you feel like your brain doesn’t have an “off” switch? Annoying or intrusive thoughts seemingly force themselves on you and often at the worst possible time. Or is your child or teen being more irritable lately and not wanting to go to school? These can be signs of anxiety. A counselor can help you address your struggles by identifying triggers and learning how to work through anxious thoughts and fears.

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Are you having trouble sleeping? Or perhaps feeling unmotivated; things that once excited you now leave you feeling… nothing? This could be a sign of depression. Depression counseling is one way of trying to get help to remove the fog and feel like yourself again.

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Christian Counseling

Our Christian belief animates all that we do at Foundations Family Therapy, and so we offer explicitly Christian counseling services to clients who desire that. If you want to do Christian counseling, we will work with you, incorporating Scripture and faith to whatever degree is most comfortable for you and that respects your own personal beliefs and values.

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