Relationships are hard. We get it! Oftentimes, couples end a relationship because they “fell out of love”.

Your Relationship Started Strong

The "cuddle hormone” is very strong in the new phase of relationships (about the first one to two years). Therefore, it does a great job of helping two people bond early on. However, once oxytocin starts to decrease, that “in love” feeling starts to go with it.  Next, communication becomes harder. In addition, you start to notice things about your spouse that annoy or bother you. As a result, you begin to worry that you won't be happy with this person again.

Your Marriage or Relationship is Struggling

Your relationship feels more like "work" than it ever has before.  You don't feel heard,  understood, or even A couple looks away from one another as they argue. This could represent the need for couples therapy in Wake Forest, NC, couples therapy in Faquay, NC, and couples therapy in Raleigh, NC Contact a couples therapist in Raleigh, NC today for more information.respected by the person you used to love so deeply.  In fact, you may even feel like you don't know your spouse anymore. That is to say, the person you sit across from now seems a far cry from the person you married. Stress at both home and work has gotten between you and your spouse. As a result, you have become more like business partners or roommates than the "in love" couple you used to be.

You may be struggling with forgiveness and repairing your relationship following an affair or infidelity. Perhaps you feel shattered and broken and not sure what to do.  You want to stay in your marriage, but you're not sure if you can.

Couples Therapy Helps Strengthen Relationships

No matter where you’re at in your relationship, we want to help you identify what's working and what’s not. Through couples therapy, we want to help you connect with your partner and for you to feel supported and validated.  You can get that "loving feeling" back again and in a deeper way than ever before.

Couples therapy can help couples build a firm foundation before their wedding day, help couples resolve a specific conflict, or help save a marriage after infidelity.  Right now, your problems seem overwhelming. But our therapists have seen other relationships in crisis.  We've worked with other couples who are tired of arguing.  Whether you are trying to work through something small or on the brink of divorce, counseling can help if you and your partner are ready to work on your relationship.

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling could help you:

Are you tired of the same old conflicts?  Has your relationship lost its spark?  Couples therapy saves relationships & marriages every day. Here are some of the benefits of attending couples & marriage counseling:

  • Communicate better
  • Feel valued and respected
  • Have fewer arguments that lead to hurt and anger
  • Become more connected with your spouse emotionally and physically
  • Enjoy your spouse more
  • Improve your overall mood
  • Perform better at work, parenting, and other tasks when you feel supported by your partner and not weighed down by the stress of the relationship

Not all Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling is Created Equal

A smiling couple walk away from a building. This represents completeing marriage counseling in Wake Forest, NC, couples therapy in Faquay, NC and couples therapy in Raleigh, NC. Contact a couples therapist in Raleigh, NC or Fuquay Varina for more info about our services. Couples therapy is unique. Unlike traditional individual counseling, marriage counseling or couples therapy is centered on the needs of two people, not just one. Most therapists are used to working with one client at a time. However, our couples therapists are specifically trained in how to work with issues that couples are struggling within their relationships.

Navigating the couples system is a passion of our couples therapists. In fact, that passion for helping people improve their relationships is the reason our therapists received specific training and licensure as marriage and family therapists.


A Couples Therapist in Wake Forest, NC Can Help

The couples & marriage therapists at Foundations Family Therapy understand how relationships work. They know the common problems in relationships and what to watch for in your relationship.  Most importantly, our counselors are experts at creating and redirecting these experiences in counseling sessions. Through counseling, each partner feels heard and respected. Your counselor won't play favorites and they don't keep secrets because their ultimate goal is saving your relationship.

 Couples therapy will help you:

  • Communicate with your partner or spouse more effectively
  • Feel heard and understood
  • Navigate decisions, goals, and dreams as a couple
  • Make compromises when needed
  • Explore and share your history
  • Identify and share your feelings
  • Clarify roles in your relationship

You are looking for quality counseling that will truly help you and your partner repair your relationship. Couples and marriage counseling can help you and your partner feel close again. So if you are looking for a couples therapist in Wake Forest,  Raleigh, or Fuquay Varina, call 919-285-48023 and find out which skilled couples therapist has an opening. Your relationship deserves the support of a counselor who has the specific training & expertise in relationships, couples & marriage.

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy gives you and your partner a  safe space to feel heard, receive validation and learn tools to communicate more effectively.  In addition, couples therapy also helps you identify negative patterns that you're stuck in and learn new patterns that will lead to more respect and greater connection.  Some of the evidence-based therapy models that our therapists use include:  A romantic senior couple laugh as they smile at one another. Contact a couples therapist in Wake Forest, NC, a couples therapist in Raleigh, or a couples therapist in Fuquay Varina for support today. Couples therapy can provide the support you deserve.

Relationships take work. Yet, the business and stress of life can often leave couples feeling disconnected, fighting, and feeling like they don't enjoy one another anymore. So, if you feel like you're just surviving in your relationships instead of thriving, it might be time to speak to a counselor. Marriage or couples therapy in Wake Forest, NC, Raleigh, or Fuquay Varina could help you reconnect, reengage and thrive in your relationship.

Christian Marriage Counseling in Wake Forest, NC, Raleigh and Fuquay Varina


As a christian you feel strongly that marriage marriage is sacred. Therefore, you are committed to staying with your spouse, but you're finding that life has made that very difficult.  You want to be more than committed. You want to feel happy in your marriage.

Maybe you're dealing with a partner cheating or an alcohol addiction.  Or perhaps you and your spouse have lost touch with one another. You don't seem able to get on the same page or communicate very well.  It's like you just don't connect anymore.  Maybe the demands of life have been so busy that your relationship has taken a back seat, and you are not even sure what it would look like to be "one" with your spouse again.  You may be wondering where God is in your relationship.

Wherever you're at in your relationship, our Christian therapists can help you navigate those challenges through a biblical lens.  We utilize the same evidenced-based therapy models as we do for non-faith-based couples therapy. However, your therapist will also incorporate biblical and spiritual resources and values into your therapy.  We value marriage and know that God made you to thrive in your relationship, we can help you get there.



Marriage is more than throwing a fabulous wedding or going on a long-awaited honeymoon. It requires Married Couple who attended pre-marital counseling in Raleigh, NC 27606 at Foundations Family Counseling.commitment, a decision to stay with your chosen partner through thick and thin. But are you ready?

With the help of a licensed marriage and family therapist, you and your partner will take a close look at your relationship with your fiancé. Next, you'll begin to learn skills to build a strong foundation so you have a strong marriage for years to come.

In premarital counseling sessions, you will talk about a wide range of issues that may impact you and your fiancé over the course of your marriage. For instance, you may discuss :

  • How you each communicate,
  • Your personalities
  •  Personal values and goals
  • Finances
  • Conflict resolution.

Your couples therapist will challenge you to have difficult conversations to help you avoid problems down the road.  Pre-marital counseling will help you and your fiancé enter marriage feeling confident, connected & with a firm foundation for your relationship.



PREPARE-ENRICH  is a premarital and marital enrichment program that provides an assessment of your relationship with strength areas and areas for growth. Your therapist will highlight your strengths as a couple and help you grow in areas that may be challenging so that your relationship is off to the best start possible.

Begin Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling at Foundations Family Therapy

Pre-Marital Counseling, Marriage Counseling & Christian Marriage Counseling in Raleigh and Fuquay Varina

If you and your significant other want to build, maintain or repair a strong foundation in your relationship, we are here to help. Foundations Family Therapy has a team of skilled couples therapists at our Wake Forest, Raleigh, & Fuquay Varina locations to help you keep your relationship as strong as possible. Take the next step towards a positive relationship today and contact us at (919) 285-4802 to learn more.

A couple holds hands as they walk through a freshly planted field. Couples therapy and marriage counseling in Wake Forest, NC marriage counseling in Fuquay, NC, and marriage counseling in Raleigh, NC can offer support for new and couples. Contact a couples therapist for support today!

Other Counseling Services at Foundations Family Therapy

Our team of skilled counselors can support you with more than couples and marriage therapy. We also provide services for teen counseling, anxiety treatment, depression therapy, trauma and PTSD counseling, and Christian counseling. We are here to help you and your family thrive in all areas of your life.