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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling in Wake Forest, NC, Fuquay Varina, NC, and Raleigh, NC

Romantic relationships are often the most vulnerable and intimate relationships we’ll ever be part of. Sometimes that makes them incredibly powerful and life-giving. And sometimes they’re sources of unimaginable pain. That is why so many couples will go through seasons when they seek out help from a counselor.

Your Marriage or Relationship is Struggling

Your relationship feels more like “work” than it ever has before. You don’t feel heard, understood, or even respected by the person you used to love so deeply. In fact, you may even feel like you don’t know your spouse anymore. The person you sit across from now seems a far cry from the person you married. Stress at both home and work has gotten between the two of you. As a result, you have become more like business partners or roommates than the “in love” couple you used to be.

You may be struggling with forgiveness and repairing your relationship following an affair or infidelity. Perhaps you feel shattered and broken and not sure what to do. You want to stay in your marriage, but you’re not sure if you can.

Couples Therapy Helps Strengthen Relationships

Therapy can help you and your partner get your relationship back on track. Sometimes the best thing for a struggling couple is to get a third set of eyes on the relationship, someone who can listen and understand the dynamics of the relationship while remaining outside of it. Our experienced couples counselors will be able to help you identify sources of tension in your relationship, learn better communication habits, and resolve conflicts before they turn into dramatic fights that add to the strain you’re already feeling.

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There are few things more damaging to a relationship than infidelity. If one partner fails to honor their vows to the other, it can and often does destroy the relationship. However, an affair isn’t always the end of a relationship. There are couples that recover from that pain and are able to rebuild their relationship.

We have helped a number of people repair trust and rebuild their relationship in the aftermath of an affair. We use a structured approach to help heal the relationship, which means that we require certain things to be in place in order to begin treatment. We require that the external relationships have ended. We also require that both partners want to work to save the relationship. Typically in the case of infidelity, couples need to commit to at least one year of therapy together.

We have seen tremendous healing and redemption in couples that have gone through the hard work of affair recovery.

What to Expect from

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy gives you and your partner a safe space to feel heard, receive validation, and learn tools to communicate more effectively. In addition, couples therapy also helps you identify negative patterns that you’re stuck in and learn new patterns that will lead to more respect and greater connection.

Some of the evidence-based therapy models that our therapists use include:

Emotional Focused Therapy

Gottman Couples Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral

Couples Therapy

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the Couple

One thing that sets Foundations Family Therapy apart is that we do all we can to treat the couple as a single unit, not as two separate people. This can help reframe many of the conflicts that arise and change the conversations that couples will sometimes have as they attempt to navigate the difficulties of their relationship. It also inherently requires that our therapists be attentive to both people in the relationship because we are not trying to help just one person, but a couple.

If you and your partner want to build, maintain, or repair a strong foundation in your relationship, we are here to help. Foundations Family Therapy has a team of skilled couples therapists at our Wake Forest, Raleigh, and Fuquay Varina locations to help you overcome challenges and keep your relationship as strong as possible. Take the next step towards a positive relationship today by contacting us at (919) 285-4802 to learn more.

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