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Many factors define maternal health. Beyond physical wellness, mental wellness also plays a critical role for a woman navigating the journey of motherhood. Whether you’re a new mom, a seasoned mom or trying to become a mom; the path can be riddled with discomfort, ranges of emotions, uncertainty and exhaustion.

New Moms

Becoming a mom is a major milestone in a woman’s life. From the moment that second line appears on the pregnancy test, your mind starts racing with thoughts and worries. You worry about your ability to be a mom, the baby’s health, the pregnancy, and your own health. In short, you worry about worrying too much.

Once the baby is born, the worry continues but is possibly amplified by changing hormones and feeding struggles, and exhaustion. You may begin feeling sad, overwhelmed, alone, and then guilty for feeling all of those things. But you are not alone, Mama.

If you are currently expecting, or you are a new mom, you may be feeling like you’re at the end of your rope. A maternal mental health therapist could help you gain a sense of calm over your worries and fears. Therapy for mothers can help you gain a better understanding of what is normal in this phase of life. You don’t have to merely survive each day; you can thrive as a new mom (even with little sleep).

Teen Boy with head in his hand in therapy. Depression Teenager in Raleigh, NC at Foundations Family Therapy in North Carolina. Telehealth or online therapy can help.
Student or Lonely Teen in Grief Therapy in Raleigh, NC | Foundations Family Therapy in Fuquay Varina, NC and in online therapy in North Carolina

Seasoned Moms

You’ve picked up toys for the third time today and cleaned the sticky handprints off of your fridge. You’re ready, to finally sit down to nurse the baby when your preschooler suddenly “needs” you.

You feel the frustration, stress, and maybe a little resentment, building up. You can’t even remember if you ate today. You react more harshly than you mean to when responding to your preschooler, and it’s not their fault, but the exhaustion and overwhelm have gotten the best of you today.

Then you immediately begin to feel guilty (ah, mom guilt), and wonder why you can’t seem to do it all “like those other moms”. You’re tired, you’re overwhelmed and you’re not sure what to do next. You’re sure you can just “get through another day” and continue the cycle, but deep down you want to feel a sense of joy and excitement again.

You want to truly enjoy motherhood, not just survive it.

Therapy for mothers can help you release those feelings in a safe space. You can learn to control your reactions and to make a plan for taking care of yourself while you’re taking care of the little kids.

Pregnancy Loss, Termination, and Infertility

Loss is something everyone deals with to some degree, but the loss of a baby or the loss of the expectation of being able to get pregnant can shatter one’s worldview, challenge your faith and test your relationships.

Maybe you’re grieving a pregnancy loss while determining if you want to “try again.” You’re broken, and hopeless and you don’t know how to make sense of everything.

Perhaps you’re heartbroken at yet another negative pregnancy test, and you don’t understand why everyone around you can get pregnant but you haven’t been able to. Maybe you’re struggling with guilt over the choice to terminate a pregnancy and you’re not sure you can forgive yourself or move forward.

Wherever you’re at in your journey of loss, you would want to feel better and, to have the pain go away to make sense of your situation. Therapy for mothers could help you process your feelings and thoughts in a safe space with a caring provider that can help you walk through the grieving process.

You don’t have to suffer from grief alone. You can move forward with hope.

Compass with the 5 stages of grief listed. Needle points to "acceptance", with depression, denial, anger shown around the edge. grief counseling in raleigh, nc is available to you now. You can get help with grief therapy in person or in online counseling in North Carolina with Foundations Family Therapy.

Comfort and Support During Your Journey

We can help you with the anxiety, guilt, and sadness following pregnancy loss and termination, including postpartum depression, as well as couples challenged by infertility.

Begin Therapy For Mothers in Wake Forest, Religh, and Faquay Varina

You don’t have to suffer alone. Help is available The skilled maternal mental health therapists at Foundations Family Therapy can help you work through your past trauma. Through therapy for moms, you will find the help you need to get back to the life you love. If you have questions or would like to start therapy for mothers in Raleigh, NC, Wake Forest, NC, or the Fuquay Varina, NC area, please feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment

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