MAURA BOURNE Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate


Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate

Hi, I’m Maura Bourne, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate at Foundations Family Therapy in Raleigh. 

Helping you connect with your children and teens to find lasting healing

Do you or your children seem to be struggling either internally or through external negative behaviors? Is your teenager engaging in dangerous or worrisome behaviors? Do you have painful memories from years ago that sometimes seep into your life or your parenting? Are your teens withdrawing from you? Looking for someone who your teens can connect with who “gets it”? Wondering if this life is “normal” and if everyone feels this way? Has your child or teen experienced something that keeps them up at night or been painful for them? Is your child struggling socially or emotionally at school? Are you struggling emotionally? Wondering where your “village” is to support you? It sometimes feels impossible to get out of the hole by ourselves and that’s okay. We were made for community and to use support systems. 

I also see the value in working with adults to help heal their families and childhood wounds. I see each person through a systemic lens which helps me realize how every person operates in a system and how small changes can make a big difference.

I see my role as a therapist of truly seeing you, seeing your need, and giving you resources to help you out and move you in the direction you want to go, toward victory and healing. I value authenticity, respect, and honesty.

Being “real” together 

Authenticity, honesty, and respect are so important in the therapeutic relationship. You don’t have to be anyone besides yourself in the therapy room. Who you are is enough. Children and teenagers want authenticity, answers, support, and respect. I give every person in the therapy room the respect and listening ear they deserve. 

Together we can create goals that you are passionate about and I can use my expertise to guide you and cheer you on to those goals. You deserve to be heard, understood and supported. I will use my expertise to communicate well with your child and teen and teach you to do the same to achieve lasting connection and healing.

So Who Am I?

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate and have spent years working with children ages 6 through 17 and their families in Intensive In-Home as well as partial hospitalization settings and traditional outpatient therapy. I specialize with pre-teens with ADHD, anxiety, mindfulness practices, self-esteem, life transitions, college age adults, teens, and adults. 

The Fun Stuff

I am from Cary, NC and have spent much of my life here! I love reading, crafting, and going for walks. You might catch me eating dessert at Hayes Barton Cafe and Dessertery. The best thing I’ve read recently is Little Pieces of Hope by Todd Daughtery . In my spare time, I do love playing with my dog, a miniature schnauzer puppy.  

If you or your child is looking for a caring, experienced therapist, I would love to meet with you. I am currently in the Raleigh office. I am in network with BCBS and accept private pay.



I see clients at FFT in Raleigh.