Treatment in Fuquay Varina


Living Well with a Medical Diagnosis

Maybe you just received a diagnosis that you were not expecting, or maybe you’ve been living with it for a while. It’s not the path you would have chosen. But here you are trying to navigate your “new normal” while balancing physical symptoms, doctor’s appointments, treatment plans and schedules.

It’s all starting to take a toll on you, and you haven't allowed yourself the freedom to grieve, to fully understand or process the emotions that come along with a diagnosis.

Whether you’re dealing with a treatable condition, a chronic illness or in remission from cancer; the physical and emotional aspects of what you’re going through can be daunting and leave you and those close to you feeling depleted, hopeless and drained.

Having a safe space to process the raw emotions can be freeing, allowing you to use your energy for physical healing. The mind and body work together in a powerful way, and you can’t fully treat one without the other. Gain freedom from your emotions, process your confusion and anger, and move forward with clarity and hope.

Rediscovering Your Strength

At our Fuquay-Varina office and Trauma Center, we will help you find the hope you need to be better and stronger despite the challenges thrown your way.

Shannon Haney-Jenkins specializes in working with adults, couples and families who are struggling with substance use and medical diagnosis. With her help, discover long-term, sustainable recovery that will aid you not only in your present challenges but any other future struggles you may face.