We Are Here to Help You During COVID 19


Effective May 11th, we will begin opening our offices back up for in person sessions.

Blue Medical Disposable Face Mask with "covid-19" printed on it. Online therapy in North Carolina, online counseling in North Carolina or Video therapy in North Carolina is here for you!EMBRACING A "NEW NORMAL"

Life as we knew it has changed drastically for most of us in North Carolina, and across the country, in the past 8 weeks.  We have found ourselves all over the emotional spectrum from shock, disbelief, denial, fear, worry, grief, and frustration.  Across the state, more and more people are beginning to settle into our "new normal".  We didn't ask for this abrupt disruption to life as we knew it, yet here we are weathering this storm together.  We are adapting and forming new routines and ways of life, those now include things like the "three W's" as the governor and secretary of health has dubbed it. Wash. Wait. and Wear.  This is where we're at, at least for now, so we are embracing it and moving forward.  We are learning to thrive even in the midst of uncertainty.

At Foundations, our therapists are here to serve you online and in person.  Each therapist will move back to in person sessions at different times.  They will make those choices individually, based on what their needs are. We also want our clients to make the choice that is best for them and their needs.  We understand that while we are "all in this together" our experiences can be very different.  Some people will feel very comfortable coming into the office for a session, while others will want to meet online.  We are here for both and heres what you can expect from us, with either option.


therapy room with 4 chairs and rug with warm lighting and decor. Family therapy in Raleigh, NCAs we begin our slow transition back to in office visits, things will be a little different in the office for the forseeable future. We want all clients to feel comfortable visiting us in our office, should they choose to do so.  We will continue to practice safe distancing in our office, however, you will come in contact with staff members and other patients while in our office.  We are taking strict precautionary measures to maintain the highest levels of client safety and care. As things progress, we hope to ease some of the restrictions and get back to the "normal" that you have come to expect. For now, we will embrace a "new normal"


If you and your therapist return to in person sessions throughout the end of May you can expect the following:

  • Encouragement of face masks for our clients and our therapists. We value the therapeutic relationship and the intimate nature of the therapy sesision and we recognize that for some people wearing a mask will create anxiety, while for others not having a mask will provoke fear. Therefore, each client and therapist will discuss their comfort level with wearing masks during session, and come to an agreed upon consesus. However we will ask that our clients and therapists wear masks while in the waiting room or walking to the therapy rooms, to respect other clients.


  • Clients Only in the office. Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment (that is not receiving treatment). We used to allow children or others to wait in the waiting room while clients were in session, but we can not allow that at this time.


  • Come at your appointment Time. Please try to come as close to your appointment time as possible to minimize the number of people in the waiting room.


  • Social Distancing. For the time being, we will limit the waiting room to 3 people at a time, so we can ensure distance between each person.


  • Temporary Suspension of snacks, coffee, toys and restroom, to minimize the spread of germs. We hope to bring these things back in the near future.


  • Continuation of Sanitary Practices. Therapists already santizie common touched spots throughout the day, but we will be requiring therapists to add time between sessions to allow for the disinfection of each therapy room and waiting room (using lysol spray) and high touch areas (door knobs, tables, pens etc.).Our offices will continue to be professionally cleaned on a minium of a weekly basis in addition to our daily sanitation.


  • Telehealth will continue to be offered. We know that each person will navigate returning to activities in different ways. We encourage you to continue telehealth or begin telehealth if this is what feels most comfortable for you. Our therapists are available to serve you online or in person.


  • Please remember if you have any of the COVID 19 symptoms of dry cough, fever, or difficulty breathing, generally feeling unwell or if you have been in contcat with anyone that is exhibiting symtpoms DO NOT come into our office. Please use telehealth instead.



Many of our therapists have been providing online therapy in North Carolina, in addition to seeing people in person at our offices.  Perhaps you have met them online.  If so, then you already know that receiving the same quality of care from your therapist online is as simple as clicking a button and talking.   If you have never done online therapy, we know it can feel intimidating so we are here to help you with the transition.   Read more about online therapy at FFT on our online counseling page.



We are thankful that all of the major insurance companies have agreed to pay for Telehealth services the same as they would pay for in-office visits.  This means your out of pocket cost should be the same for Telehealth services as it is for in-person office visits.  They have agreed to continue this throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.

telehealth in North Carolina on tablet. Family Counseling in Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 is available to Foundations Family Therapy in Raleigh, NC 27606. You can also get online therapy in North Carolina!


  • Take a Deep Breath. This global health crisis will NOT last forever.  

    • Seriously, go ahead breathe in and out slowly.  Just for a moment, be still.  The stream of information around us is constant, so taking a break and breathing can help you refocus, feel calmer, and stay grounded.
  • Unplug From the News of the Day. Close-up portrait of a thoughtful unhappy teenage boy with smartphone, outdoors. Sad teenager with mobile phone looks away, in the park. Pensive teenager in casual clothes with cell phone in park. Online therapy in North Carolina is available at Foundations Family Therapy. Video therapy in North Carolina, telehealth and more for coronavirus coping.

    • Guard your mind and take a regular break from media.  We need to know what's going on, but most of the constant flood of news is the same things repeated over and over.  Set a limit on what you will view every day and stick to it.
  • Stay Connected. Avoid social isolation in spite of the physical distance.

    • We were created for connection and community. Find ways to stay connected while practicing social distancing.  This may be having a short conversation from your front porch with a neighbor across the street.  Set up virtual coffee dates with friends or family to check-in and have a conversation face to face but not in person.
  • Get Outside. Just stay 6-feet away!

    • Go for walks, hikes, and runs. Explore a new trail or find a peaceful spot in nature to relax. Ride your bike.  Clean the pollen off of your outdoor furniture.  Get moving and soak in the fresh air and sunlight.

State Resources for COVID19:

Read more tips on ways to stay calm during the COVID 19 global health pandemic on our blog posts listed below.



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