We believe that therapy is a priceless investment, and we also realize that finances are a huge factor for any type of investment. For that reason we try to offer multiple avenues for receiving services in the most financially efficient way possible.

We have providers that are in network with multiple insurance plans. Additionally, all of our providers can bill out of network for plans they do not accept.If you choose to use your insurance you may have to pay a co-pay or coinsurance or meet a deductible first. The best way to figure this out is to call your insurance company. Our billing team will also verify your benefits and help get your claims filed. You will be responsible for any out of pocket amount at each session.

We also understand that not everyone has insurance benefits that make treatment accessible or cost-effective or they may wish to not use their benefits. There are pros and cons to each. We’ve listed a few of those HERE

We never want finances to be a reason you don’t receive services, so please contact us to discuss options for payments.


We will electronically bill out of network claims on behalf of our clients as a courtesy.

Payments Accepted

We accept Cash, Checks, All Credit Cards, and FSA/HSA Cards