How To Let Go of Perfectionism

Feeling a little pressure to be perfect this holiday season?

Thinking about the Pinterest-perfect tree…..

Stressed about making holiday cookies that look like the ones on the front page of Cooking Magazine?

Losing sleep at night worrying about how you’ll finish your holiday shopping?

It’s time to let it go.

The holidays should be a time of joy, love, and gathering. If you change your mindset now, you’ll be able to build a better 2019! It’s perfectly natural to feel a little stress during the holidays- we all do to some extent! After all, our regular routines are disrupted, a lot of people are spending more, and maybe you’ve had one (or two) extra cookies. Here are a few great tips that will help you embrace the holiday season and let go of perfectionism and the stress that comes with it.

Find Your Happiness

Happiness is different for everyone! Some people like to really deck the halls and others are fine without even hanging a wreath. Do what makes you happy. There is actual science behind finding happiness and it has a lot to do with practicing gratuity. This holiday season, take a look around and find all the beauty in your life.

Stop The Comparison Game

In the age of social media, this is especially important! As you search for your own happiness, stop comparing yourself to others. Worry about you. You are good enough. Be Honest Only take on what you can handle. It’s OK to just say no. Don’t learn overwhelm lead to burnout. It can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

Set Boundaries

This time of year can bring up family stress when seeing some relatives and friends. Don’t feed into toxic relationships. If you have to opt out of an event because you are uncomfortable or overly stressed, communicate your feelings. Above all make it a priority to focus on your generosity and loving kindness. Reflect upon what you have instead of what you desire.

As therapists, we understand that some issues aren’t easily resolved. We’re here to walk with you. We can help families identify patterns that aren’t working and develop new ones that work better.

We’ll help you reconnect and feel supported so you can enjoy life and then holidays with the ones who matter most!