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Premarital Counseling in Raleigh, NC, Wake Forest, NC, Fuquay Varina, NC, Clayton, NC, Cary, NC, and Garner, NC

You’re getting married! Amongst the excitement, you may also be feeling nervous. Feeling nervous about marriage is normal and even reasonable. It can be a big change and with any change can come uncertainty. After all, marriage is more than throwing a fabulous wedding or going on a long-awaited honeymoon. It requires commitment, a decision to stay with your chosen partner through thick and thin. But are you ready?

With the help of a couples therapist, you can assess your relationship with your partner and be equipped with the skills you’ll need in your journey together. Among the topics that can be discussed in a premarital counseling session are the partners’ individual communication styles, personalities, ambitions, personal values and goals, finances, and conflict resolution.

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How We Think About

Premarital Counseling

Our premarital counseling will help you start your marriage on the right foot and will equip you to navigate the challenges and struggles common in married life. At Foundations Family Therapy, we use a premarital counseling approach called “Prepare/Enrich.”

Prepare/Enrich is a tool that essentially does for couples what personality exams do for individuals. It will offer you a clear picture of your strengths as a couple, areas for growth, and strategies for growing together in trust and intimacy. Specifically, Prepare/Enrich will help you:

Strengthen communication skills

Identify and address major sources of stress

Resolve conflict

Discuss financial planning and budgeting

Establish goals for yourselves as individuals and as a couple

We believe in Prepare/Enrich because we have seen it work for many couples. It is one of the best single tools available for couples looking for help and guidance in how to improve their relationship. It will help you form better habits as a couple and give you a rich toolbox of resources to draw from when needing to negotiate disagreements and tensions within your relationship.

We believe every couple can have a healthy, thriving marriage. Our goal is to help you develop and build the habits that will help you communicate clearly and navigate the difficulties that will arise over the normal course of married life. If you want help starting your marriage well, then the next step to take is contacting our offices in either Raleigh, Fuquay Varina, or Wake Forest to make an appointment with one of our therapists. From there, you will work with your personal therapist to define your goals for premarital counseling and your married life, and gain tools and skills to thrive well beyond your wedding.

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