Who Can Suffer From PTSD?

In the US around 8 million people are suffering from PTSD. Though it’s a disorder commonly associated with veterans, PTSD can affect people from all walks of life. Here are a few things everyone should know.

Understanding PTSD and what causes it?

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder. It usually appears when a person deals with a traumatic experience. Many times PTSD will appear in the case of war veterans and those who’ve experienced military combat.

Combat veterans can be easily triggered by elements such as loud noises and fireworks commonly associated with summer. But, it’s important to remember PTSD does not discriminate. It’s not a disorder reserved only for
our veterans. There are many other types of traumatic experiences that can
lead to PTSD.

More commonly, victims of sexual assault, trauma, violence, disasters, cancer, life-threatening illnesses, and physical abuse can also develop symptoms of PTSD.

Watch Out For Symptoms

As with any disorder, each person can experience PTSD differently. Some of the common symptoms of the disorder come post-trauma in the form of flashbacks, event recollections and even nightmares. Those who suffer can have difficulty sleeping, feel detached and emotionally numb, and avoid various places, people, and things that might remind them of their trauma.

A Journey To Wholeness

Trauma can become fragmented inside of the brain, leaving the brain susceptible to “triggers” and reactions. Trauma therapy can help the brain
put the pieces together in a meaningful way that allows for healing. You can learn to understand and identify triggers and form different responses to them.

You can learn to replace your fearful and negative thoughts with positive ones. You can work through the trauma and allow your brain to reconnect the pieces into a whole story that can be processed and then rewritten. You can move forward with a sense of purpose and hopefulness for the future, and you can ease your fears and worries and learn to trust again.

We’re here to help!