RACHEL LEWIS Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate

My name is Rachel and I earned my master’s from Kean University in New Jersey. I have lived in NC for about 2 years and I love it!

I’m a new mom of a precious little girl and a dog mom to a playful pup. While in NJ, I worked with teenagers in various setting for several years and in the past two years found my love of working with adults to help them thrive. The time right after high school and young adults are my favorite population. Transitioning to adulthood, and being a seasoned adult, can be overwhelming and I have a passion for helping people figure it out. I enjoy getting to know clients and relating to them in a realistic way that helps us form a stronger relationship. I love God, music, Harry Potter, Anime, reading, spending time with my family, being outside, and the beach, and it’s so much fun learning about people’s interests that are similar!

I believe in working with people to help them see their potential and assist them in releasing emotions that are difficult to process, like anxiety, and depression. I believe in being transparent and honest with my clients. Sometimes the message that we need to hear isn’t easy to hear. However, through honesty and empathy, I foster an environment of focused growth and progress. Therapy is a way to understand the challenges you face and develop ways to overcome them with the support of someone in your corner. I would love to be in your corner!

“This is too much,” “I can’t even deal right now”, “No one told me this would be so hard”. Does this sound familiar? Let me help you navigate these rough waters. I can help you turn these thoughts into goals that are meaningful and realistic for you.



I see clients at FFT in Fuquay-Varina