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Russ Rainey, PhD

Board Certified Coach

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What Thriving means to me

To me, thriving means living in love, joy, peace, purpose, and fulfilling relationships. It requires a healthy brain and a close connection with the Spirit of God. It also requires making personal changes, because each of us is responsible for our own life choices and behaviors. And finally, it requires seeking help from God and others since none of us is fully self-sufficient.

About My
Areas of Focus

I like to focus on the three challenges most of us have in common:

  1. Overcoming current life obstacles that keep us from living the healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful life we desire (which requires setting new goals, discovering better options for success, taking new actions, and acquiring more resources and support for long-lasting change)
  2. Improving life’s most important relationships (with God, self, and others)
  3.  Taking better care of our brain (which enables clearer thinking, positive emotions, more satisfying relationships, and better overall health and functioning of the body)
Why I love what I do

I love to learn, so I really enjoy seeing others learn how capable they really are of changing themselves for the better. Most people are more capable than they think they are – they just need someone to help them access and apply what they already know. I love to relate with others, so I enjoy seeing people relate to their loved ones in new and more healthy ways that create a win/win for everyone. And I love to make a difference in others’ lives, and nothing makes me happier than enabling clients to make a difference in their own little corner of the world.

my experience
  • I came from a family with an abusive father. I also had a brother with addictions and a severe personality disorder, so I understand how our family dysfunctions affect us for life until we deal with the old hurts and hang-ups and learn better ways of coping. I also have a family member with a life-threatening disease, so I understand how others feel when care-giving creates intense stress and strain.
  • I have taught psychology in a university and a seminary, and I have three degrees in psychology and two in theology, so I think of life issues from two very different perspectives – not just one, but I focus on helping people find practical solutions.
  • I have worked for five large churches directing ministries of counseling, recovery, and support groups. I have worked for Focus on the Family as a marriage coach. And, I work with a non-profit company specializing in counseling pastors and church leaders. I understand the difficulties and stress they live under constantly.
  • I am a Board Certified Coach at the PhD level, and I often using coaching instead of counseling when clients simply need help setting and achieving goals related to life, relationships, business, or spirituality.
  • I have been successfully married for over 40 years, but there have been many ups and downs and times of crisis, so I’ve learned a lot experientially about what can make marriage relationships work better.
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What i do

For Fun!

I love to hike in nature and enjoy God’s incredible creation – I’m a nature freak! I like to go on road trips with my wife and experience places we’ve never seen. I like to read ancient history to be amazed at what people accomplished so long ago and to remind myself that there “is nothing new under the sun.” I love going on adventures with our two little grandsons. And, I especially like helping clients understand deep and life-changing truths about God.