Couples Therapy

Foundations Family Therapy offers couples therapy to help you and your partner at our Fuquay-Varina office

Couples Therapy

couple in a stressful relationship

Disconnected Couples

Relationships are hard. We get it! Often times couples end a relationship because they “fell out of love”. What we know is that oxytocin (that “cuddle hormone”) is very strong in the new phase of relationships (about the first one to two years) and it does a great job at bonding, but once it starts to decrease that “in love” feeling starts to go with it.

Other couples have navigated this season and held strong, but are struggling with feeling connected due to family strains, work demands and the pressures of life.

No matter where you’re at in your relationship, we want to help you identify whats working and whats not. We want to help you connect with what matters most, and to feel supported, validated and know your partner has your back and you have theirs. Thats what we all want in relationships right?

We help disconnected couples reconnect, reengage, and learn to fight fair.

Steven Cline, MA, LMFT

Sharon Sheppard, LMFTA



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