Family Therapy

We offer family therapy to help families identify goals and overcome challenges in our comfortable Fuquay-Varina office.

Family Therapy

family hugging after therapy

Someone once said “if you want to feel like a failure, become a parent”. Well, that’s not exactly the idea you had when you became a parent, right? If we’re honest parenting is hard. Being part of a family unit is hard. We are all imperfect individuals coming together trying to connect, engage, and balance multiple personalities, goals, dreams, demands, and constant changes. What we really crave is connection, support, love, and “for everyone to just get along.”

We can help families identify patterns that aren’t working and develop new ones that work better. We help you reconnect and feel supported, we help you fight fair and parent more efficiently so you can enjoy your children and not be exhausted trying to train them.

Steven Cline, MA, LMFT

Sharon Sheppard, LMFTA

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