Fresh Year, Fresh Start


2020 is finally behind us! Doesn’t that feel good to say? If you are like most people, you were glad to see 2020 disappear into the rearview mirror and are hopeful about what 2021 will bring. Many of our goals from 2020 were dashed in March but, before we dive head first into 2021 with new goals, it is helpful to stop and reflect on 2020.

If you don’t know where you are going, you will never know when you get there.

winding path

2020 Reflection

For all that 2020 brought us, it is important to look for the good things too. I challenge you to reflect on what went well in 2020. Think through the following categories.

Financial, spiritual, relationship, physical health, mental health, home, and personal development.

What went well in each of these categories? Did you follow a meal plan all year? Did you exercise more due to COVID? Did you stay connected with friends that you couldn’t see?

2021 Goals

Next think through what goals you would like to set for yourself using the same categories. Maybe you would like to start meal prepping, moving more, or getting back to church. Make a list and then narrow it down to your top goal for each category.

With each goal you have chosen, write what it would look like if you achieved that goal. For example, stay in budget for groceries each month. So you decide what your budget is each month for groceries and then at the end of the month you can see tangibly if you have achieved that goal. Maybe you break it down even further to “Spend $100 a week on groceries”. That gives you an even shorter term goal to check your progress.

Create Action Steps

Next think of action steps of how you would do this. For the above example, maybe you need to buy groceries online or change to a cheaper grocery store. Create specific steps you can take achieve your short term goal.

Potential Obstacles

Lastly, brainstorm any potential challenges you think could arise. Once you have identified what the challenges might be, you can then create a solution before it happens.

Other options

You can also set goals as a family, couple, or your work. Have set times where you review your progress and adjust as needed. And never forget the importance of giving yourself grace!

May 2021 be a joyful, prosperous year!

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We also have created a resource that goes through these steps with you on our website. It’s totally free and our gift to you so check it out here!