3 Ways Therapists Help Maintain Sober Living

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3 Ways Therapists Help Maintain Sober Living

You do not need to maintain sober living alone. We know sober living is hard! A licensed therapist specializing in addictions counseling can help. Therapy is a proven tool to assist with recovery management and maintaining sober living that you may be struggling to do alone. Here are three ways a therapist can help maintain sober living.

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A non-biased listener

To start, a therapist will listen to your concerns without judgement.  Therapists collaborate with you in finding solutions to your addictions concerns. In the beginning, therapists listen and assist you in developing treatment goals to effectively help you for long term success. Next, therapists provide accountability for meeting those treatment goals and ideas on how to do them. Therapists are not here to fix you, but to walk along side of you in your recovery. Afterward, your therapist will celebrate your successes with you. 

A wealth of knowledge in this area

Second, a therapist can offer additional treatment recommendations and resources to help you maintain sober living. This is done through individual sessions, recommending support meetings, referring for a higher level of care if needed, or providing community resources. Your therapist will follow through on these processes and recommendations with you to make sure you are receiving the best care available to assist you with sober living. A good local therapist knows a lot of local supports and resources just for you. Work with your therapist to identify what works best for you and your needs.

Understand the root cause

Finally, and most importantly, therapy helps peel back the layers that led you to resort to drugs or alcohol to begin with. Addiction is usually a symptom of a deeper problem. Licensed therapists are trained to safely help you look deeper into your life to identify root causes of the addiction. For instance, many people have experienced past traumas, stresses, and physical health problems that lead them down a road of addiction. As a result, many people need professional help untangling the web of addiction. This is done slowly and cautiously so as not to make you revisit emotional distress from your past that you are not ready to face. In therapy you have a say in how slow or how quickly we proceed.

As you can see, therapy is extremely useful to you in helping you maintain sober living. A licensed therapist who specializes in addictions has a thorough understanding of the harmful affects that drugs and alcohol can cause for the individual. There is hope, and you do not have to do this journey alone. If you’d like to reach out, I’d love to assist you here

Maintaining Sobriety in Times of High Stress

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Maintaining Sobriety in Times of High Stress

Who has experienced stress recently? If you said me, you are not alone. We all face stress daily. Some of this stress can go unrecognized such as trying to rush out the door to be at work on time or it can be a bit more significant, even life changing, that causes us to resort to drugs or alcohol to numb and forget about that stress. Maintaining sobriety can be especially challenging in times of high stress. 

But how does one maintain a level of sobriety in times of high stress? We now live in a fast-paced society with increasing demands, while dealing with social isolation, social distancing, telecommutes with changing job duties and responsibilities. There are ways that you can maintain your sobriety in these stressful times.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Sometimes you just have to say no. When we stretch ourselves too thin on time or overexert ourselves mentally or physically, it can increase our stress and chances of relapse. Make sure you are taking much needed down time, practicing self-care, and taking care of yourself. If you are not taking care of yourself then it will be difficult to be of service to others.

man outsideman outside freedom

Outdoor Recreation

There are most certainly healthy benefits from being outdoors, despite the obvious of fresh air, sunlight, and sounds of nature. This may be an opportunity for you to explore a new recreational activity that you have been interested in such as fishing or hiking, or it may be a way for you to get reacquainted with an activity that you used to enjoy. So, dust off those golf clubs and hit the links! You will have a deeper appreciation for the correlation between mental and physical health in doing so.

Identify Healthy Coping Mechanisms and Positive Supports

Make a conscious choice to find things to take your mind off drug and alcohol use, such as calling a friend or relative or going for a walk.  Animals can also be therapeutic so consider going to the shelter to adopt a dog to walk with you and help motivate you. Also, consider getting involved with NA or AA meetings and at some point, identifying a sponsor. There are dozens of AA and NA meetings so do not feel obligated to commit to the first one you attend if you do not feel a connection there. It is perfectly acceptable to attend several before finding one to call your group.

Seek Therapy

Keep in mind that drugs and alcohol, no matter how serious your use is, are surface level problems. Considering collaborating with a therapist that specializes in addictions to help get to the root of the problem and identify ways for you to live the best life that you deserve. Foundations Family Therapy has a therapist that specializes in maintaining sobriety. Meet him here!

The Lifelong Benefits of Family Therapy

Group of peple standing in front of a wood pile in various poses. Foundations Family Therapy in Raleigh, NC 27606 provides family counseling in Fuquay Varina, NC 27526. Online therapy in North Carolina is also available with an online therapist in North Carolina from Foundations Family Therapy!

Relationships are hard.  

Family dynamics can be complicated. And when everyone in your family has their own personality, a unique set of personal values and wants to be independent?  Well, life can get complicated sometimes.

When families enter therapy, they commit to moving forward in growth together. Your family therapist at Foundations Family Therapy will meet you and your family where you are.

We will get to know your family…

And look for patterns in how you communicate…

We’ll work to identify common conflicts and talk about the problems bringing you in.

So, if you and your family ready to start functioning as a unit again, here are a few ways our Family Counseling services can help.

Improved Communication

One of the most critical skills in developing relationships is communication. Family therapy helps families in the development of spiritual, intellectual, and emotional roles of life. Challenges for families have changed with addiction issues being high across the country. Therapy can assist with teaching coping skills for family members and opening a dialogue for communication regarding serious matters of concern.

Communication within a family can sometimes be challenging. Family therapy is available for these situations to assist with the learning of better communication techniques while learning to resolve issues as well. Teaching strengths and weaknesses of a family it is crucial to keep an open mind to growth and the potential for positive change. 

Lower Risk of Conflict

Lowering the risk of conflict within a family is a valuable skill. While conflict is never desirable, even one member under stress can wreak havoc within a family. Learning the skills to communicate with multiple generations improves family life, teaches about respect, problem-solving, and responsibilities within the family dynamic.

Family therapy has become a widespread need for families throughout the country and our Raleigh, NC community is no different. Families face many challenges that could include issues with addiction, multi-generation homes, divorce, teenage rebellion, and so much more.

Your Family Can Get to a Better Place

Through family therapy, you can increase your sense of connection and begin to enjoy one another again. Our therapists work with your family to improve communication, resolve long-standing conflict and teach conflict resolution skills.

Not only will you find ways forward around the sticky issues you are sick of rehashing but you’ll feel ready to face future conflict together as well. Your therapist helps you clarify your values as a family and then apply those as you problem solve major issues in your life.

You don’t have to stay stuck in the same old patterns. It is possible to enjoy one another and feel like you can have a conversation together. Family therapy can help. Contact our office today

Mental Health and Substance Use

Substance abuse, drug overdoses and celebrity suicides seem to be common news headlines these days. It’s so heartbreaking reading about these tragedies knowing that help, hope and healing exist. Perhaps there is some light that comes from such darkness. These tragedies help put the spotlight on mental health, substance abuse and the stigma associated with getting help.

The relationship between mental illness and substance abuse is very strong. In fact, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) reported that, of these people struggling with dual disorders, the majority—55.8%— don’t receive any treatment for either disorder. A mere 7.4% get treatment for both issues. It’s time to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Self medicating with drugs and alcohol can lead to further depression, anxiety, and paranoia amongst other conditions. People who have high risk factors like genetics and childhood trauma are sometimes pushed into substance abuse to no fault of their own.

The vicious cycle of addiction, abuse, and self-medication will lead to a downward spiral that often effects all aspects of one’s life. At Foundations Family Therapy, we can help you or a loved one learn to gain freedom from your struggles. Our hope-focused therapists are here to help walk with you in a judgement-free, healing environment. Shannon Haney-Jenkins works with adults, couples and families who are struggling with substance use, medical diagnosis or past trauma.

If you struggle with alcohol or other substances, and it’s interfering with your life, call us. We’re here for you!