3 Ways To Feel More Confident With Change

As we approach the fall season, it always reminds me of change. Leaves are changing colors, kids are starting a new school year, and there’s a coolness in the air (maybe, if you’re in NC). Change is an inevitable part of life but it certainly doesn’t make it easier.

There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ feelings to have in change. People feel scared, worried, sad, and even relieved or hopeful. Although feelings are fleeting, we absolutely can choose which ones to focus on. So, what’s the difference between someone who lets the fear of change take over versus someone who is confident with change?

Check out these 3 tips that make the difference in how you handle change..

Maintain your Routines

Often times when change happens, we focus so much on the change that we forget our normal routines. Simple things like going to the gym or having our morning coffee provides us with stability and comfort when other aspects of our life feel chaotic. These routines can also include healthy eating and sleeping habits.

Focus on what you CAN control

In change, it’s easy to worry and dwell on what we can’t control. For instance, maybe you are focusing on why you were laid off from work instead of what you can do next. Make a list of realistic actions steps. This will help to shift your focus and put you back in the driver’s seat.

Connect with Others

Most of us would agree that life is better shared. However, depending on our feelings about the change, it may cause us to isolate ourselves from our loved ones. It’s important to remember that because change is universal, chances are that someone you know has experienced what you are experiencing or at least can provide insight or support. Our loved ones know us the best.  When we’re caught up in change, they can point out our strengths.

Feeling more confident with change? If you want to learn more, I’d love to walk with you on your journey.

 Renee Pugh, LCSW

Don’t Survive, THRIVE!

Thrive Blog Photo Looking happy after therapy for depression and anxiety in Raleigh, NC | online therapists in north carolina

Foundations Family Therapy is a practice deeply routed in the mission to help our patients thrive instead of survive. You’ve probably heard us use the phrase before but what does it really mean to thrive instead of survive?

There’s a significant difference between the two ways of life. Maybe you’re stuck in survival mode because of habit or depression. Maybe it’s your mindset that holds you back each day. The good news is that anyone can thrive with the right support and guidance. Here’s a closer look at how…

A Surviving Life

When you live your life based on survival, you simply “continue to exist”. Life becomes a habitual routine. You go through the motions day after day but never really experience life. You might feel disconnected and detached from your relationships.

Sometimes, a surviving life can lead to depression, anxiety and a downward mental decline. Someone living their life in survival mode might also isolate in fear of self-expression.

You don’t speak your mind in fear of disagreement from others.

Are you listening only to provide an answer instead of really connecting and engaging in meaningful conversations?

Do you fear change and view adversity as an ‘end all’ situation?

Sound all too familiar?

If so, don’t fear! You can change your life so you can start to thrive. Here’s what you have to look forward to in a thriving life.

A Thriving Life

Have a sense that there is something bigger for you to do? Looking for a meaningful and fulfilling life? Start by changing your mindset. Do a little self-exploration! Identify negative behaviors and habits. Access your strengths and weaknesses for confidence and improvement. Surround yourself with others who are living a thriving life. After all, happiness is contagious!

Focus on the positive things in life and practice gratuity. Work on meeting adversity with an open mind and positive attitude. Those who thrive realize there’s a learning opportunity in every setback. Think about how you want to feel rather than what you want to have or do and you’ll thrive.

You don’t have to do it alone! We’re here to walk with you every step of the way on your transformation from surviving to thriving.

Summer Program: Overcome Depression, Anxiety, and Stress!

Foundations Family Therapy is excited to roll out this 8 week program that can help overcome depression, anxiety, and stress and teach you new ways to respond to your thoughts and feelings. This exclusive program is limited to 10 participants and BCBS & Aetna insurance plans are accepted and billed for participants. You can sign up by contacting Sharon at (919) 285-4802 (x703) for $25/session or $175 paid in full.

Learn more about natural and holistic approaches that will help you live in the present. Practicing mindfulness has many positive benefits that can help you enjoy a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Instead of dwelling in the past or future, you’ll learn how to focus on the present.

Our 8 week program will also help participants develop techniques that build resilience to help better cope with unpleasant experiences in life. You’ll learn how to treat yourself with kindness and respond to your own thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. These are just a few benefits of this wonderful program! Make this summer the summer of positive change by putting your mental health first.