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What Thriving means to me

Sometimes, the challenges we face become so hard to manage that the life we want to live seems far away or impossible. This can feel limiting, stressful, and discouraging. In my eyes, thriving has to do with growth towards our goals and a life that feels connected. Thriving does not mean that things are always all good or all bad, but that when the storm comes, we are able to weather it without compromising our goals and values. I believe that thriving also has to do connecting to others in our lives generating feelings of belonging and strength.

About My
Areas of Focus


It is very common to experience anxiety as a way to control things in our world that feel uncontrollable. Do you find yourself struggling with hypervigilance, irritability, tiredness, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating, and worry? I utilize therapy grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help mitigate these symptoms and promote self efficacy.

Family Conflict

Has there been tension within the family? Are you struggling with life transitions? Family conflict is normal but it can create stress. Having a third party present to help facilitate new perspectives can help families voice their needs. I work with many different types of families including families with children, adult family systems, and blended families. I utilize an intergenerational, nonpathogizing, and directive approach when working with families in conflict for the purposes of creating balanced hierarchical relationships within the system while utilizing processes developed by family therapy theorists Salvador Minuchin, Virginia Satir, Ivan Bosormenyi-Nagy, Murray Bowen, and Jay Haley.

Couples Therapy

Have you and your partner been struggling to connect? Do you feel like your needs are not being met? Do you want to strengthen your relationship? Are you looking for premarital services? My training in Marriage and Family Therapy has provided a solid base for treating couples with different struggles. In therapy with couples, I utilize Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) which focuses on attachment and corrective emotional experiences. If reconnection is not possible or not desired, I can also assist individuals in creating healthy coparenting relationships.


Research of the last 30 years has shown that trauma is much more than previously thought. Trauma began with research on veterans, and is now known to be applicable to many other things. If you are struggling with distressing thoughts, memories, nightmares, difficulty feeling positive emotions, negative thoughts about yourself or the world, or exaggerated feelings of blame then therapy focusing on trauma may be helpful for you. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) as my main approaches in treating trauma-related problems.

Gender Affirming Care

Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community? Are you questioning your gender or sexuality? It is important to find a therapist who is gender affirming and can provide a safe place in therapy for you. As a gender affirming therapist, I am actively aware of my biases and the cultural context that we live in which has historically oppressed and marginalized members of this sociocultural group. In therapy, personal gender/sexual identity is considered as an intersectional aspect of an individual, meaning that it is one part of an individual, but also not the entire picture. Whether you are looking for a gender affirming therapist or you are wanting gender/sexuality to be an area of exploration in therapy, I hope to be able to support you.

Why I love what I do

There is a lot of hurt in our world and difficulties that people face. There is nothing to be ashamed of for struggling! It is part of being a person to struggle. So, I love having the chance to connect and help those who are struggling to move back towards the life that they want to live. There is
something special about seeing people’s lives change and to be a part of that process.

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What i do

For Fun!

I love walking my dog, listening to music, watching the latest TV shows, and I also enjoy some creative expression like painting and pottery. A fun fact is that I have two crested geckos named Mango and Bean.