The Best Ways To Calm An Anxious Mind

Sometimes the “what ifs” in life can get the best of you. The emotional instability anxiety brings is consuming. Racing, anxious thoughts can interfere with your ability to focus. You might become fearful, withdraw from things you love, and overthink everything.

Don’t brush anxiety off as something you have to live with. Next time you feel racing, uneasy thoughts start to form, try calming your mind with these tips.

Label Your Feelings

When anxious thoughts come on, don’t try to ignore them and let them build up. Instead, label your feelings to help you better understand your personal mental process. If you are worried about losing something, label it as Worrying. This helps simplify your thoughts and fears which can help you gain clarity.

Stay Present

Anxious thoughts are often caused by losing sight of mindfulness. Revisiting past events? Going over all of the ‘what ifs’ in an endless cycle in your head? You can fight anxious thoughts by being present. Just because something bad happened in the past doesn’t mean it will happen today.

Stay Active

Worrying about something will not change the outcome so why not keep busy? When you feel anxious, try redirecting your train of thought. Go for a walk. Think about a positive memory or event. Stay busy with work, hobbies and things that make you happy!

Most importantly, decide whether or not a thought is helpful. If the thought isn’t inspiring happiness or providing positive value to your life then label it and try move on. The more you practice these tips the better you’ll understand your mental process.

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